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The NHS are doing such a fantastic job right now and many risking there own lives to help others. It made me realise how much I owe them.
Without them I wouldn't be here after being born 11 weeks premature.
I also know without working for them and having the courage to go to work 3 years ago that I wouldn't of left an abusive relationship.

What are you thankful for?
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I can't edit my original post this a letter I have wrote.

I have a lot to thank the NHS for, nearly thirty two years ago in June 1988 myself and my sister were born 11 weeks early.
We weighed just over three pound each.
We even made it in to the local newspaper. We was in hospital for six weeks after blood transfusions and many setbacks I had a collapsed lung and a brain haemorrhage.

But together we pulled through and today you wouldn't ever know our very rocky start to life, I only have a small scar from my collapsed lung. I also have mild hydrocephalus. Although this has never impacted my life.

My parents were told it may take me longer to achieve things but growing up I never let that hold me back.
I would try and try again. Although I guess in a way it did affect my confidence. I passed all my GCSE's and went to university and graduated. I even passed my driving test after years of lessons and many instructors who told me I probably wouldn't pass but I proved them wrong.

I worked many different jobs before I ended up working for the NHS in 2013, it was in that same year I had my son.
I enjoyed my job but unfortunately in January 2017 I was told my job was going to be relocating.

It was rewarding working for the NHS and I didn't realise how working there would impact on my life and help me.

In February 2017 I took my son to nursery and drove to work. It was that decision which changed the path of my life.

Walking into work with blood still fresh from the wound on my head. It was then that I was confronted with the truth.
I couldn't act as if everything was ok anymore.

Working within the hospital my colleagues took me to A&E.
It was then that I broke down and told them how my then boyfriend had kicked, strangled and head butted me.

If it wasn't for the nurses that day I never would of admitted the truth.

The NHS saved my life not once but twice. The scar on my chest a reminder of how hard I fought as a premature baby. The scar on my forehead a reminder of the strength I had to leave a domestic abuser.

Because of the NHS I had a future.
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This made me cry
I feel many of the same things as you and for many of the same reasons
The NHS is one of the best things we have as a society because its about NEED and its not judgemental, its just there to help people
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I spent years barely using the NHS beyond the odd doctor appointment. And then in the last 18 months it has been there for me and my family. Most notably my pregnancy which albeit mostly smooth, ended in last minute scans, induction and an emergency c section when my baby reacted badly to the induction with her heart rate firstly dropping off the chart and then rocketing sky high. More recently we were in hospital for the worst weekend of my life where my daughter was in awful pain and the surgeon looked after her like she was her own. I am forever grateful for what the NHS has done for my family and what they do, day in, day out for so many others especially in these unprecedented times.

The poster above summed it up - there is no judgement, just help when needed
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Fixing my eyesight (as best they could)
Making sure they are still healthy.
Making sure my child arrived safely and my pregnancy was smooth.
Caring for those I've loved the most in their final moments.

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Newbie here!

I am grateful for NHS who helped me conceive and deliver my two children. I had several key hole surgeries, unable to concieve and went through all sorts of treatment before IVF. Will always be grateful for them and then I had to do it all again with my 2nd!
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For always being there.
For treating and caring for my loved ones during times of illness and upon their death.
For delivering both my children safely, and saving the lives of myself and my firstborn during his traumatic birth by emergency cesarean.
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You all have some lovely stories and your right the NHS dont judge. They treat everyone the same.
I also ended up having counselling through the NHS for PTSD anxiety and depression and I know without having the help and support to help me understand I'm not sure where I would be.
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