Terrie McEvoy #3 Spent Xmas in hospital, finger seems fine, able to tan, sell & drink wine

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This new business venture of her husbands is the perfect example of why small businesses send things to influencers. 12.5k followers in 24hrs for dog bandanas.

As a small business owner I have to say it smarts a bit when you slave away and then this one with his connections to the influencer world can rock up with handkerchiefs for dogs necks and will make a killing. Then you will have to listen to how hard working he is, how he deserves his success etc when if this is successful it will be down to nothing but the fact that he is married to Terrie and the connections and free marketing that that brings, smh.

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Looks fairly unprofessional the whole lot of it. Wouldn’t mind but how many press packs do they get in the door every day of the week to see examples of what to say/how to present a product/business. I’ve seen better come out of transition year entrepreneur projects! And exactly what @fashionistafriday said 🙌🏻 there needs to be transparency over how much is going to be donated from sales to charity.

They’ll do well initially purely because of her following but don’t see it lasting.

And Pawfect by Jake 🙄😑 oh fucking please.


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Long time lurker but had to make an account coz I cannot hold my tongue on this binfluencer anymore!!!

The letter isnt even printed on fancy paper, or proper headed paper! Literally an A4 page stuck in his printer.... Real profesh!

The fact they are using Jake as the name behind it. 'by Jake"... Yaaaaaah coz the dog is going around hand selecting and sewing all these BANANAS together! Prob have the company registered in his name to pay less taxes or something 😂 wouldn't surprise me with this lot!!!

Supporting the local economy... I can't lads I can't!!! Taking freebies left right and centre, from food to furniture to stuff for her dog to all those lovely clothes made in a sweatshop! And comments day after day how she cannot wait to get out of this country to "explore and have adventures coz we are sooo fun like that"! Yaaaas guys ye love supporting local!

Locally sourced in Dublin: this is SURELY a loop hole like I have a feeling they've done something like Terror is buying it from Ali Express and Daveh is "sourcing" it from her so he can say its sourced in Dublin!

I know I'm going back ages now but their little comment on Adopt Don't Shop! I've tried to adopt so many times and am always shot down over 1 question I answered marginally incorrectly that could be totally fixable. The fact they got handed this dog when she would've been known for travelling (in normal times) and never being at home, and known for "nursing long hours" (when it suits her) just boils my blood!

This pandemic has shown me how many people are ONLY here for the money and couldn't give a FUCK about anyone else - influencers like Terror and businesses included! Get up off your arse and get real jobs! Stop exploiting people for money!

Rant over.... Mic drop! 😅


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Ha... an article saying Terrie has admitted to being proud of her husband, as if they had to drag it out of her and she hadn’t set the article up.
I wouldn’t worry about the mis spelling- ive seen some idiotic follower is excited to ‘here’ about the launch. One idiot who can’t spell to another- makes no difference.
Normally I defo wouldn't mind about the spelling mistakes, but when you've misspelled the actual item you are selling its hilarious 🤣🤣🤣
15.7 followers in 24 hours. It’s only gotten the followers because of who he’s married to. Maybe just me, but it even looks like Terrie is behind the captions for the posts, it looks like her style of posts. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I thought that it’s his thing.

I have a friend who has set up their own small Irish business. It’s open two months now and she only has about 200 followers. She works really hard, each box is presented beautifully and also includes extras. It just seems unfair.


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Anyone else irrationally annoyed that he has set up a business 🤔😂Like I don't begrudge anyone success if they work at it but I just think they are both such chancers that it has just annoyed me 😂

Like what skills does David have as a business owner?Where did the finance come from considering he is out of work due to lockdown?Is he as clueless as his sister about customer service and returns policies? Who did the market reserve for the product? To me you buy it once and that's it ....why would you buy 15 bandanas for your dog?🤔

So many qustions. All I can say is if I was a judge on Dragon's Den I wouldn't invest in it😂
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