Temptation Island

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Has anyone seen this show?! It’s aired in America but I’ve recently seen Season 2 as they were showing it on E! in the UK. It’s a complete load of rubbish & the dumbest show ever but god it’s addictive TV!!!!
I did watch the first series and I felt exactly the same, it was a load of rubbish but I had to watch it to the end to see if they went home with their partners or not😂
Perfect, mindless, car crash tv! I loved season 1, was hooked on finding if Evan could shake free from Kaci’s cold grip. Had no idea about season 2 so thank you @CLF2695
We loved season 1 (purely because it’s so car crash), but season 2 was better! I spent the two days it took us to watch the entire season with my mouth open in shock! 😂
You guys season 2 was SUPERB. It had everything. Grown men crying like babies! Threesomes! Bad proposals! Toe sucking! Awkward reunions! What brilliant tv. I loved every minute.
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