Teen mom 2

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Does anyone watch teen mom 2? Is it not illegal to use your phone in the car in America, makes me so angry when the mums do this with a car full of children
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I used to watch it but gave up as it made me angry. :ROFLMAO:

I feel like Chelsea was the only one who had her shit together last time I watched.
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Who else thinks David is abusing Jenelle and the kids?
I've only watched a few clips of him but I def think so. I remember there was one where he shouted at I think Kaiser? Nathan's kid cos he wanted to play in the garden or something, and he went to drag him back inside. Then Nathan and his mum were banging on about trying to get custody as they don't trust him. I think he also abused his ex/she had a restraining order against him and doesn't see his kid with her much.

Also found this :(:
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Yes!!! And apparently did same with Theo... he was going to propose to her anyway
yea he made it clear i dont want kids yet yes he should have wrapped it but when your partner says im getting the morning after pill you expect them to and i did not buy the i forgot while shopping for food story she came up with she knew full well she was never going to get it
Oh I love Teen Mom 2 & Teen Mom OG. Teen Mom OG came out whilst I was pregnant with my first & I was glued to it being a young mum myself!
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