Tattle Awards 2019

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Hello my Tattlers,

It is officially 32 days until the end of the year and we thought we would ring in the new year with some tea, shade and awards!

So presenting *drumroll* the TATTLE AWARDS 2019!

This list is not exhaustive so please add names/categories you think should be honoured and the finalists will be revealed December 15

Worst Apology By a Youtuber

  • James Charles - "TATI" scripted apology
  • Jaclyn Hill - Nasty Ass Lipstick
  • Rawvana - Caught Eating Fish
  • FaZe Jarvis - Fortnite Cheater

Most “Road to Irrelevancy” Youtuber [created by Angelika Oles]
  • Tanya Burr
  • Louise Pentland/SprinkleOfGlitter
  • Marcus Butler
  • Alfie Deyes/Pointless Blog
  • Zoe Sugg/Zoella

Biggest Social Media F**k Up
  • Demi Donnelly (Youtuber) starting a thread on Tattle
  • Clemmie Hooper (Mumstagrammer) bullying other Instagrammers on Tattle

Biggest Social Media Scammer
  • Mrs Hinch

Worst Youtuber Outside of YouTube Idea
  • Afie Deyes - Future Self Merch
  • Zoe Sugg - Zoella Relaunching
  • Louise Pentland - Mothers Meeting Podcast
  • Saffron Barker - Sickly Come Dancing

Best Drama Channel
  • TeaSpill
  • Petty Paige
  • HereForTheTea
  • DramaAlert

Worst Family Vlogger channel
  • The Inghams
  • The ACE Family
  • Saccone-Jolys
  • The Nasey Family
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Biggest social media fuck up has to be saffron barker moaning about someone committing suicide because her train was late

Or Anastasia Kingsnorth posting a video with a used sanitary pad amongst the rubbish on her bedroom floor

Needs to be a category for worst at declaring ads

Biggest slimming world fraudster
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Perhaps there should be awards for forum categories, chosen by the mods perhaps?
  • Best long post/rant
  • Best thread title
  • Most liked post
  • Best spiller of tea
For thread title it’s possibly close-to-awards-time bias but I think “Mrs Meldrum #65 Rebecca did not write that message, she was in Pizza Express in Woking that day” has got to be in the running :ROFLMAO:
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Most money grabbing, defintitly a toss up between the inghams and this mama life
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I agree there needs to be a category for Worst at Disclosing Ads/sponsorship (Mrs Meldrum is a contender for that one but they are ALL crap at it)

Also could we have a category for the influencer/youtuber who has told the most brazen lie? Again, it might be a long list.

Worst at exploiting mental health for views. Many of the Channel Mum lot have done this.
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Maybe a category for IGer whose been “gifted” the most freebies
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Please add Family Fizz to the worst family vloggers category - I for one loathe what they’ve become!
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Can Mrs Meldrum liftgate be on worst apologies.. Since she didn't actually apologise on YouTube!
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