Tana Mongeau (Jake Paul)

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I’m starting this thread thinking “wtf are you starting this thread” 😐
But I learned to spell her second name for this thread so.....

Ex girlfriend of Bella. (For the insta and twitter posts)
Engaged to Jake Paul (for the insta and Twitter posts)

Basically the biggest clout chaser around.
Not even going to mention tanacon and everything else she’s done.

Is anyone watching her MTV show? I just don’t get how people are falling for her fake engagement? Or why I care 😂
I don’t btw 😂
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So Tana and that Paul brother get married this weekend 😐 and they leaked their invitation, date, time, place....
Is this tanacon part 2?! God it’s painfully obvious what they’re doing yet they’re raking it in.
28th July if you’re free and wanna see a car crash in motion.
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They are doing a pay per view livestream of the wedding ffs. I watched a couple of Jakes vlogs out of curiosity for the car crash and it's so obvious how little they know each other.
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On the beg for someone to sponsor her birthday, how about pay for yourself your a bleeping millionaire you bleep!