TalkBeckyTalk - dull & unlucky?

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Does anyone still watches her. How is she still a full time YTber? She has 215k subs

I watches Fleur so I've watched Becky but she's so dull so I stopped. 6 months ago, she popped-up in my suggestions because I was sub to her, and I was surprised she broke off her engagement for really bad reasons

Today a video of her titled "An Honest Chat about My Future" so I watched it, she's rambling and I skipped to the middle and within 1min i clicked out. she was like talking about how YT has changed. Urgh another YTber riding the recent YT saga and going, "YT used to be...."
" I used to make contents for..... and is now about who has most likes, and best IG"


she seems to get no breaks in her life !

so far:
Supposedly very good friend with Fleur but their F/ship just disappeared like a mystery
Dad passed away suddenly
Grandma passed away
Got diagnosed with Celiac which messed up her life
Lived with sister & saying can't imagine not living together
Got back with ex-bf
Bf moved in together with her & sister
Got engaged
Broke off due to undisclosed reason and said he gave her an illness...... which when I google if, seems people speculated to be HIV?
Sis is now dating so doesn't live together anymore
Disappears all the time due to health
Comes back and make really dull videos
I watched a couple of videos including that one, I don't think YouTube is for her career wise. She's had some rotten luck.
I have major tea she is a psychopath anti depressants up to the eye balls !
And you have this information from where exactly?
Just because someone is on antidepressants doesn’t mean they’re a psychopath 😏
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anyone see she is back again? maybe that amaazzzzing Evian water sponsorship she hyped for 6 months didn't workout
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She moved to Jersey and set up an talent agency for Jersey-based influencers:

She seems to have quit YouTube. I don't think she's even active on IG anymore.
who would use her as a talent agent? her channel has done so badly? what real advice can she give
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who would use her as a talent agent? her channel has done so badly? what real advice can she give
They’ve signed Wroetoshaw from the Sidemen’s little sister Rosie - would have thought she’d be with someone more established.
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