Taina Licciardo-Toivola - Ten children all dressed in white and an invisible husband


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OMG I just came to make a post about this family lol I happened across them and I'm still digesting the first video I saw but all I have at the moment is.. OMG! :ROFLMAO::oops:


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I find it sooo weird that her videos suddenly appeared in everybody's recommended. I never watch family channels yet here they were.
Anyway this family gives me creepy vibes. First of all the names of the kids. The wearing white thing, the four younger ones sleeping in the parents' bedroom, the father that don't seem to do much around the house.., the kids staying in a blanket on the floor. Wtf... Everything about them really creeped me out.
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The Finnish gossip site linked to above by Agu 91 is very interesting. It was up to 90 pages last time I looked, not surprising as there aren't that many 'famous' Finnish Youtubers.

Some areas of concern keep cropping up but as the initial furore dies down people are beginning to separate out the things that are definitely odd from those that are just a different way of doing things and maybe not so creepy after all.

The thing with the children all lying down has been likened to 'blanket training', a method used by some Christian fundamentalists to instill obedience in their children. It's very controversial as there have been accusations of violence in some cases, and even some child deaths. I don't think these children are forcibly 'contained' though. But who knows. People on the Finnish site have already gone to social services.

The father is virtually blind so cannot work. He used to be a chef.

The house and most of its contents belong to the owner, I don't think the family actually have that many possessions of their own.

Its worth watching the son, Leonardo's vlogs, just to see a different perspective. Especially the ones where they all visit Sweden as you get more of a sense of a 'normal' family who like to banter and tease each other.

So much of the speculation has arisen because of the way the mother presents everything, that breathless baby voice, and her obvious need for order around her. I think she's just not used to vlogging and hasn't had time to develop a more natural way of filming whilst also talking to her children so it comes across as very fake.

I think she's very ambitious for her kids, and competitive, wanting them all to seem super human, and for a big family Youtube is a good way to earn some money I suppose.
As for why they're suddenly popular. that does remain a mystery although it could just be the Youtube algorithm moving in mysterious ways.

Unfortunately you don't get monetised immediately so they might not get the benefit of all these views unless the interest continues.


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There is also a picture on Leonardo (oldest son)'s facebook page of him and two of his siblings (Cleopatra and Jerusalem) playing and singing in the street for money, which makes no sense to me.

There is also a picture on Leonardo's facebook page of him with Gucci perfume and Iphone earbuds. And one with him laying in bed with chill pants on. He follows Logan and Jake paul, H3H3 and Keemstar on youtube. 21 pilots too.. And all those things. Very inconsistent if you look at what their family makes itself out to be.
They were paid by the city to sing Christmas songs for the shoppers...a bit of Christmas cheer. Busking is not odd Tracy Chapman ed Sheeran Sheryl crow many successful artists started off busking. The older kids all study for good jobs they play musical instruments snowboard ski do hip hop dance and ballet and going by what Cleopatra tweeted she got her mum to play Marilyn Manson "beautiful people" for her send off to music class so I don't think they controll what they listen to ...I've hears them rap and beat box and even do break dancing competitions they don't seem to hide the fact that they love the Lord it's mentioned in nearly every Instagram and Twitter post...Cleopatra does not just follow Christians and strange people from Finland she is subscribed to beauty and fashion bloggers and loves Jenna marbles and nailogical on you tube ....none of their videos are monetized no adds before during or after and I don't think they selling anything...maybe the reason they have blown up on you tube is not something sinister but down to the fact that after watching a couple of videos we all liked what we saw and started binge watching the entire channel...a good you tube star needs fans ....and you guys sure are acting like super fans
The blanket training is a method that many fundie Christians in America use. It's from Michael Pearl's "To train a Child' where he claims that a child's spirit needs to be broken in order to be obedient in early life. He suggests tapping a baby firmly on bare legs with a hazel 'switch' when the baby moves of the blanket. This means that the mum can do her household chores knowing that the baby will just sit there for up to 30 minutes.


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The blanket training is a method that many fundie Christians in America use. It's from Michael Pearl's "To train a Child' where he claims that a child's spirit needs to be broken in order to be obedient in early life. He suggests tapping a baby firmly on bare legs with a hazel 'switch' when the baby moves of the blanket. This means that the mum can do her household chores knowing that the baby will just sit there for up to 30 minutes.
Ah sounds similar to the Anna Saconne method of sticking your baby in a swinging chair over the dog beds though I am not sure she uses her 30 minutes for cleaning.


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even though their a little wacky and not so traditional. it's like somethings off about them, but the mother is sooo nice to her children in that way she talks to them. most parents can have two children and get seriously agressive vurberally, yet she has 10 and sounds like a white noise machine lol.
If She follows the Michael Pearl line of Christianity like the D uggers they have this rule about the women "keeping it sweet". They are supposed to have a joyful countenance and sweet voice at all times. Michelle Duggar and co put on a baby voice that is akin to nails down a blackboard.


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I heard about that Pearl book a while ago haven't there been multiple deaths of children because of that book?


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They popped up on my feed, not sure what to make of it all - expected it to be a spoof.

But for some funny reason this is the most popular thread on tattle, it's the no 1 result in google when you search for them


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The blanket training is a method that many fundie Christians in America use. It's from Michael Pearl's "To train a Child' where he claims that a child's spirit needs to be broken in order to be obedient in early life. He suggests tapping a baby firmly on bare legs with a hazel 'switch' when the baby moves of the blanket. This means that the mum can do her household chores knowing that the baby will just sit there for up to 30 minutes.
:eek: Please tell me this is a joke, that is absolutely horrendous. Never, ever break anything's spirit. Goddamn these people that do that :mad:


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I haven’t seen them before, so obviously had to go and watch them on YouTube. They are very different.

I watched the vegan bbq part one and when the older sister grabbed the one year old that made me very sad. The way she grabbed her and the mum didn’t say anything really?

As a youtuber myself (don’t shoot me lol) I would never put something like that in a video.


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Hi everybody!
there's one easy way to understand if this was all set up. and let me tell you, it is.
just go to the information section of her yt page and you will see that she linked other profiles in her family section:

Cleopatra https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIcId8eEhNKbF8NVwSgv-AA
opening with a "my first vlog video" just like her mum, same graphics and editing

Shakespeare https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-JoPN5HWRBkUR5nED8vOUQ
he is JUST A CHILD and already has an adv-like page cover with logo and quotes

Leonardo https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAncU2fIXWZir-7qExAeEEQ
who's clearly not confident or spontaneous in front of the camera, playing "TryNotToLaughChallenge" which can be defined a clickbait nowadays do we all agree on that...

Jenna https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN7nc6j-NvNqVafYyQbasZA
Leonardo's wife, opening her channel with a totally constructed and promotional video about herself like...elementary content.

So it's very easy to understand now that there's a business behind all this, I mean not the whole family itself but the Youtube thing is a very constructed and coordinated business of course.

Here explained how they're growing so fast.
Product Placement: I dont even have to explain this point I guess
Every profile is linked with each other, which is a pretty good strategy to reach multiple targets at the same time, and they tagged themselves very well through all the videos. So they can reach moms, minimalism lovers, vegans, teenagers in general, religious people...i expect to see one of them becoming a huge Fortnite streamer very soon XD
Every profile look the same, similar copy, similar visuals, similar background music too.
Quality and frequency: even though we're not talking about a Hollywood production...these videos look good, average creativity, perfect house, high quality recording, basic editing and as other guys noticed before content has been planned and organised through the year for a daily publishing which instantly raises youtube kpi's and puts these videos on top.

That's the total opposite of "spontaneous"!!!! shouldnt it be the first thing you expect to see in a vlog???
Older sons are big enough to play their part with constructed roles, and younger ones are too young to even understand they exist. It's a play! There's one of Taina's videos of them having breakfast together, in which you can clearly see the fakeness of it all: the kids are not even realistic and they are not spontaneous at all! One of them keeps hiding her face from the camera.

You know what, I think that if someone decides to start a business like that to earn some money i mean...i'm not anyone to tell them what is right or wrong. But what I DO think is wrong is to fool people. To sell young kids for what they'r not. To use religion as a tag to attract a bigger target.

But that's just my opinion. I won't follow them because I feel the fakeness of it all and I dont need that.
Hope I gave you some more elements to better understand them.

If God had a Youtube channel it might look like this.

Thing is, they've blown up on Youtube. A week ago they were barely touching 1000 subs and now, in less than a week they are at 116,000! It's crazy.

Their stats are so new that their Social Blade page hasn't been able to properly reflect their growth yet.

How? Is it just because they are so unique and they've caught people's attention? She has only just started posting on YT, there's been no steady increase, just this sudden explosion of interest.

It looks like someone knows exactly what they are doing as the videos they are releasing now were filmed in the summer time, so they have a whole stockpile ready-made to put out on a daily basis. This is exactly the right way to grow a channel quickly; upload daily as this catches the YT algorithm and you get put on people's recommended lists. Maybe the older kids are helping her as they do all seem quite switched on when it comes to technology. This is no religious cult where the kids are kept ignorant and passive.

I do hope the growth is organic and they're not bought subs.
I fear for them though as they are so charismatic that, out of all the Youtube families, they are the ones I can see fans getting really obsessed with.

Can't abide religion personally, but defend their right to practice whatever it is that gives them purpose.

Just worried that there's usually some pretty nasty beliefs , like being anti choice etc, that can go alongside the nice stuff. I fear they might be in for a backlash that is as swift as their growth if they're not careful.

Love to hear any thoughts.
if you want to follow a real amazing familiy vlog, check these guys: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_jwOrLhCTIuReeumDIJFEg
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I am really impressed how some people are concerned by the fact that someone can be Christian and have a happy family. Congratulations on finding Facebook the most reliable source of knowledge about someone's life... I deleted my Facebook account 3 years ago- does it mean that there is something wrong with me? Come one guys! This family seems a bit weird to me but I am rather impressed than duisgussed as most of you. And the fact that someone reads Bible and is brave enough to tell about God does not prove that they are abusing children. Much more harm cause buying kids Xbox every year what is very common novadays. What's wrong with their names?.. Only in England we can find kids named as toys or animals and that's acceptable.

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