SW Rail

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I just need somewhere to rant 😂
Is there a worse train company?
I’m unfortunate enough to live in a place that means we can only use them and they literally ruin our lives 🤦🏼‍♀️

Yes!!! They are the worst. The way they treat staff is awful, I've got a few friends who work for them. They also finally reached a deal with the guards in October time I think and then they pulled it with no explanation yet put out on social media how they've tried etc 🙄 it's all about money for them!!
I feel for you. My husband is a train commuter on ok-ish (though horrendously expensive) line but we count our blessings he doesn’t need to use SW or Northern rails...
The refresher is correct, staff need to maintain competence in working a train, there’s so many technical aspects.

I’ve heard nothing but bad things from friends who work for this company, I work for a different one.
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