Superstylesabby #8 She's not extra small, she's just far away

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What is she saying supermarkets don’t cater for people living alone? There is not much you can’t buy single.
Exactly, there's plenty of food available in shops that she can buy just 1 of. Of course Sabby has an "xs" freezer so she can't fit much in!! Maybe she should have installed a more practical kitchen rather than one for show!! Sure she eats out as often as she cooks so what exactly is she complaining about?... she should consider herself very lucky that she's able to afford to feed herself , plenty of families in this country struggling to put food on the table.
And as for the coffee in the morning, I see again today that she's buying one! What happened to making them herself?? .. Oh yea that was just another sales pitch.. That's why I don't believe a word out of their mouths!!


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She's like 40 coats with all the coats she has and I have yet to see a nice one on her.
And all those ugly cardigans she tried on. Am I the only person that doesn’t like Hayley Menzies.
And i feckin love when I batch cook and eat the same thing two evenings in a row cos it means I don’t have to cook 👩‍🍳
Cant think what the filming/photo shoot was for … maybe Sabbys pussy Eddie is bringing out his own range of cat food or something…#catcollab


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Grabby Sabby on about where she donates her gifted hauls.. I actually don’t believe a word of it. She doesn’t come across as a nice, kind & charitable person more vacuous, grabby & greedy. She’s the biggest dose on Instagram.
Does she really expect us to believe she got 4 questions asking what she does with all the stuff she gets gifted?
As a side note, her stairs and landing need a major revamp. It’s a very dated and small looking house. Lastly, those verso leggings were not made for legs like Sabbys.
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