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This one gets on my tits so much I had to unfollow her and my life is so much better for it. To quote “we’ve gone luxury which might not be for everyone”😡. “We’ve moved hotels and I have asked for a press reduction”😡
We could all go luxury if we ask for price reductions. And if I have to see another picture of her arse😡😡😡. The worst of the worst of “influencers”
I personally cannot stand her. She just likes to push boundaries (thinking of one particular post) for the sake of it. She is all about me and not the greater good
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She does my head in.

I think she actually thinks she’s fashionable when she looks a mess all the time.
I just don’t get her angle. She is a conventionally attractive, slim and healthy looking young woman. It’s all so disingenuous the body positivity and the faux activism which doesn’t gel with the luxury holidays and the vintage clothes and the London mama set she hangs around with. As for all the sex toy talk, really?! You get sent all the top end sex toys for free so people like me can pay the over inflated prices. Piss off lady.

Seems like just an excuse to gain validation on her looks and catapult her to the top tier. I don’t feel empowered seeing her naked, it doesn’t make me feel awesome about my body having hers front and centre in every post. All it does is remind me that despite the variation in skin colour she is just a self obsessed and vacuous as all the others.
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