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I know it's only early 2020, but this might be in the running for the tweet of the year. She's actually serious :LOL:

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All fashion brands are only interested in self-promotion and their own bottom line. Stella did good to promote the concept that fashion doesn’t have to be cruel to animals, but she is hardly a game changer.
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Looks on the tight side and off the rack George @ Asda. Wouldn’t be too proud of the creation Stel
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She seems a very entitled and arrogant, bitchy kind of woman, if it wasn't for her contacts she would have ended up as a buyer for Matalan in Liverpool
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I think ragging on Stella for this is harsh, she’s not a bandwagon jumper with this stuff. Yes it’s very far removed from the sort of “choices” most of us make with the environment in mind, but she has always maintained her veggie principles etc.
She undoubtedly had an almighty leg up by accident of birth, with wealth and a huge profile, but she’s sustained a career for over 20 years now. If her work didn’t sell, that wouldn’t have happened. As a designer she has consistently produced things that people want to wear, and she is an actual trained designer, she isn’t Victoria Beckham.
Dunno about Phoenix but he’s a great actor and as I have a bit of a crush on him I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt!
The tweet does make me cringe, but anything that promotes reduction of mindless consumerism has to be half decent? (But seriously, who would know if he wore the same tux for the rest of his life?)
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she has always maintained her veggie principles etc.
I really don't think that's anything to write home about. She sold part of her company to the Gucci owners who are all about leather and fur. So really don't think she's principled. Plus wasn't she using silk alot?

Nepotism gets you far, really far.

I'm not a fan of heather mills, but Stella didn't cover herself in glory with her hatred of her. Wasn't she (allegedly) egging on a friend to stamp out a cigarette on her prosthetic leg on the wedding day?


Stella, 34, who is heavily pregnant, reportedly screamed "I'll kill the witch" in a confrontation at the family home last week, after learning that Heather had accused Sir Paul of hitting her mother, Linda, during their marriage. Stella allegedly said: "I told you she was a witch. Why did you marry her? She's been a manipulative cow from day one. The cow won't be happy until she destroys all of us and our memories of our mother."

The quotes, made public in The News of The World today, will fuel acrimony in the multi-million pound divorce. The newspaper quotes a source close to the family claiming Stella compared her stepmother to "a pile of vomit". The source said: "Stella would get so upset listening to her dad that she once said, 'I don't want to bring my child into the world with her as a grandmother. She's a witch from hell.'"

The newspaper claims that Stella told Heather she considered her "a money-grabbing witch", and that Sir Paul, 64, was now drinking heavily as a result of the events surrounding his divorce and the effect it was having on his family.
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Ooh I didn’t know she sold out to Gucci (i was very into fashion in the 90s but not so much for the last 20 years!)
Not sure I’m believing anything the News Of The World ever said...and if Stella didn’t like HM and didn’t want her dad to marry her it would seem she had a point. I think the press have always treated any vaguely outspoken Beatle related women with undisguised hatred, but Heather Mills is a very strange person. I found it unsurprising how her allegations against Macca were totally dismissed, just because she seems like a pain/bit of a bullshitter, and he’s Paul McCartney, it doesn’t mean she’s lying. It sounds like a shitshow of a marriage and I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t both do bad things that are out of character due to their unhappiness.
Um, I’m just rambling, sorry!
- I can’t warm to Stella especially, but I think she meant well with her tweet
- I take your point re. Gucci, but fashion is an unethical business, and maybe she’d have had to lay people off if she’d not sold out to Gucci or something, I’d need to know more before I slammed her for that.
- totally irrelevant but I was fondly reminiscing about Tom Ford era Gucci last week and I am sporting Perfume Parlour’s version of Envy in tribute
- Heather Mills is bananas and I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her, but she was torn to shreds by the media in the wake of her separation from PMc and I do feel a bit sorry for her
ooh I could go on about Heather Mills and Macca etc for ever! But I won’t.

I really will STFU in a sec

TBF that NOTW thing has the ring of truth. I don’t blame Stella if she did say that in those circumstances - she’d lost her mum and her dad rushed into remarriage, as many men do after being widowed, (to a much younger woman who was known for chasing fame) and he didn’t seem very happy. And you never slag off the first wife to the kids!!!!
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