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She's been mentioned a lot on 40plusnotgivingupyet's thread (Helen) but Abi's turned into such a grabby moaner that I think she deserves a thread of her own.

Yesterday was the last straw when she was out 'meeting the girls for brunch' and just happened to 'splurge' on a designer handbag and when someone (allegedly) DM'd her about how that wasn't possible for most people, she made a big deal out of telling us that it wasn't new, it was 'preloved' ( a word which I despise anyway, whatever happened to 'secondhand'?)

Then today she had a moan about how she HAD to go to 4 different supermarkets to get stuff for her 10 year old's birthday and how she 'didn't get a chance' to get balloons so her husband would have to pick them up somewhere on his way home from travelling. Her sons are in school all day and she doesn't work, so what the hell was she doing that she 'didn't get a chance'?
Then it was onto how her husband was away with work and how it was so hard being a 'single' mother. She hasn't got a clue what it's really like to be a single mother (I'm not myself, but have friends who are) and I don't know any single mother who has either the time or the money to constantly go 'brunching with the girls', swan around 4 different supermarkets (why on earth anyone would want to, I don't know) or drop what has to be a few weeks wages for some people on a designer handbag.
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How the other half live ey??

They are very wealthy and I think if she just owned that, she’d get called out less. All this #cronxqueen shit, she lives in the leafy and very expensive outskirts of Croydon in (what looks like) a very big house.
Buying cheap clothes and claiming to be just a normal mum, can not disguise the fact that they are clearly loaded.
And claiming that her husband works very hard, just screams spoilt brat. Is she implying that the rest of us just don’t work hard enough??? And that’s why we’re not all loaded???
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I think for someone who can clearly afford the SB workout clothes to get them for free stinks! And now after one freebie exercise weekend she thinks she’s a guru!
I used to follow and like her but her shopping was OTT and now the trend is not fast fashion she has either curbed it or doesn’t show it off. Her insta stories are Just moans all the time and she gets sent the shittiest stuff free which jsut proves she will flog anything 🤦🏽‍♀️
I blocked her for a while as I couldn't bare to see her in my newsfeed


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She's entitled and spoilt and so are her kids. Unfollowed her after she had an epic rant about forcing the school to allow her son to participate in a girls only netball tournament. She was screaming about equality for boys completing missing the point that girls sports also need protecting. Also, she's dwarfish with the body of a 8 year old boy so although she tries her best to keep up with the maxi trends her friends all wear sure just looks like a swamped fly. Ske was criticised last yearfor buying an all saints £400 biker in 3 different colours then claiming she deserved it as she worked so hard as a sahm.... to kids who are almost ay secondary school.


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I find her a bit passive aggressive sometimes this whole ‘just a mum’ like is starting to wear a bit thin, all of these influencers do it as if that makes it a valid reason for a constant swipe ups and relentless consumerism. She’s a saleswoman. I find her quite whingey and seems to moan about what she has on her plate...many people would happily swap with her! I also think she puts her kids online too much (just my opinion) but her eldest must be very aware. Totally up to her how she lives her life and presents herself but I find her a bit entitled and defensive. Maybe she’s charming in real life?!


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Haha of course what she really wants is the wine and bashford and co meat.... hey ho... Keep tagging abi. Could you have foamed and frothed any more at the free bread #greedygrabbycow