State of the Union

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I just saw a trailer for this, and thought it looked promising. It stars Chris O’Dowd and Rosamund Pike. Anyone seen it?
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I’ve watched about half. It’s one of those shows where when the writing is good it’s brilliant but sometimes it’s a bit smug and trying too hard to be clever. I’m not completely sure what I think having not finished but sometimes I don’t really buy their conversations or even their relationship. And this probably won’t be popular but I’ve never seen the appeal of Chris o‘dowd, I think his acting is usually pretty flat, he has no charisma and he must be one of the luckiest people in show business honestly. Rosamund Pike I dont mind but again I’m not sure about her in this role, something feels off.

This is all sounds quite negative but there is something compelling about it, it’s a unique idea and a well crafted one. Brave for tv (has it actually been broadcast ?)I guess I should come back when I finish it.