Stacey Solomon #52

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A quick recap of the last thread:
- Rose (aka Roses, Opal Fruit) has managed two trips into the garden in her 6 weeks of life so far
- Other than that she appears to spend 90% of her time peering confusedly at Stacey's face which is typically about a hairs width away from her own and very rarely leaves the bedsit.
- There is some uncertainty whether she is exclusively breastfed or mixed fed. Tattlers generally agree that simply fed is best and it would have been a good opportunity for Stacey to be a bit more open about the challenges of breast feeding.
- The annex lads have pretty much dropped off the face of the earth and are presumably working their way through the last of the pot noodles.
- Joe is proud of his "bossing it" also known as parenting to us mere mortals.

Hopefully that's a good start!


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I was wondering what the hell the other parents thought when she turned up at the school yesterday clad in the obligatory fleece and looking, and I quote, like she’d ‘been dragged through a hedge backwards’! 😬 One thing’s for sure, she would have made a right old song and dance of it; let’s not forget she was doing something monumental so soon after having Opal Fruit after all, but hey, no one can say that Stacey Solomon’s not a trooper eh… oh wait… 🤔😂

Mum One: *whispering in the ear of the person next to her* ‘Christ on a bike, look at what the cat’s dragged in! There’s proof money can’t buy you taste if ever I’ve seen it! Mind, I thought she was friendly with that Hinch, she doesn’t look very clean does she?!’

SS: ‘Hiya babes, oooooh what am I like, just about got us all ere on time this morning, everything just takes so much longer when you have a baby! Anyways, how are you all? Sorry I’ve not been about much, I’ve barely left the house for six weeks as well, I had a baby!’

Mum One: ‘Congratulations! What’s this about you not leaving the house for six weeks though? Is everything alright, were there problems?’

SS: ‘Yes, a wonderful little baby girl after all those horrible boys! We’re fine though; what do you mean was there a problem?’

Mum Two: ‘Well y’know with you being in the house for 6 weeks and we haven’t seen you here in months! Perhaps you had a C-section or was she premature?’🤷‍♀️

SS: ‘Er, C-section, premature, well she was very small but well, nope neither of those…’

Mum One: ‘Oh right, ok, just a bit confused as why you’ve been at home for so long then; I mean, you only had a baby, it’s not like you had major surgery or it’s a disability! Georgia over there gave birth at the weekend and she’s been doing the school run all week!’

SS: ‘Erm, tee hee’

Mum Two: ‘I just think it’s good job us woman have the babies, I mean if it was down to men they’d just take to their bed for a month after giving birth, barely moving and ignoring everything else that needed doing, you know what they’re like!’

SS: 😳 ‘Is that the time, best dash, the baby needs feeding and all, ta rah!’

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