Stacey Solomon #3 Labels this and Susan’s that, Stacy get off the floor you silly prat

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I think the issue to me anyway regarding Stacey homeschooling her boys and saying 30 mins is enough etc is until September she only homeschooled them so is this what she was always like? If not she should be able to get back into the routine a bit quicker shouldn’t she not just letting them mess around.


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Scruffy old trout really made me laugh 🤣

I briefly followed Stacey last year for a bit, initially she seemed quite relatable and it was refreshing to see someone who didn’t use filters constantly. Got fed up with her just being odd and unfunny in her stories so unfollowed. Was also disappointed she suddenly became BFF with Mrs Hinch.
What is with that little giggle she does after everything she says?! Very irritating.
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