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Same. So difficult seeing pregnancy announcements. Makes me feel so guilty that my immediate feeling is jealousy, but honestly it’s so difficult. Not sure why she needed to add the ‘evidence’ of a miscarriage tho.
✋🏻 6 losses and am going into hospital in the morning for a hysterectomy 😢 I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at announcement and not feel jealous unfortunately


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The docs note stating complete miscarriage. Could be a trigger for people who are suffering.
I don’t mean to be rude and I also don’t want to offend anyone on this thread who has experienced a miscarriage, however celebs/influencers should be able to post about things without putting a trigger warning. In daily life you won’t get a trigger warning for these things sadly x


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Trigger warning? Are people not supposed to announce a pregnancy any more? I thought it was supposed to be a positive thing that fertility problems/pregnancy loss were more open subjects for people to feel free to talk about and share their experiences. Yet when someone does exactly that it’s a trigger warning?!
Ew no, nobody should be slagging her off for being honest about her losses and saying she had been trying for a while. Anybody who’s tried with no luck or has unfortunately lost the baby, knows how disheartening every negative test is. I think it’s great she’s spoken so publicly about it as so many women don’t in fear of being told they shouldn’t. I don’t often protest “girls support girls” but in this case, it’s hard to believe any woman would say some of this about another woman who has experienced loss. Yuck.


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While I feel for her and the losses she has suffered, to say they have been trying for ages and didn't think it would happen is so insensitive. Her youngest is 2, so at the most she's been trying to conceive for 2 years.

I've been trying for 10 years and had multiple miscarriages and still yet to hold a baby in my arms, so her comments just hurt and come across a bit insensitive to me.


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Nah I’m done with her. She could have put a trigger warning or something. I’m sorry for her losses (it’s one of the worst things you can go through) and am pleased for her that’s it’s going well now but posting scans and pregnancy tests is so upsetting for so many of us. I’m not going to hang around while she flaunts her maternity freebies and gifted nursery tat etc, it’s too much for me. I unfollowed Hinch when she said she was expecting again and I’m all the better for it so she’s unfollowed now too
I truly am sorry for your loss but unfortunately it can’t be expected of people to hide their happiness for others. Women’s husbands have died so should no one post pictures of their husbands or on their wedding day? I think it’s definitely a better option to unfollow so you don’t have to see all that but you can’t shit on pregnant people for being happy, especially after suffering a loss
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