Stacey Solomon #2 Jingle bells, Stacey smells, swashy (ice) danced away!


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If you can get my son to sleep with a blanket then hats off to you, he’s never had a blanket, sleeping bag or anything so I’ve given up. I was told by a health visitor a baby who is too cold will wake up and cry, a baby who is too warm won’t wake up at all!
Mine didn’t either. Even from a few months old would kick them off. He’s six now and is the same- sleeps on top of his duvet!
Glad theres a thread. Liked her before she became bff with hinch. Now she is just annoying with the tap to tidy, storing every little thing in jars and baskets, prancing about like a twat. Will give her credit where its due, she seems like a fab mum and boys always look happy.
Same as this! She seems like a totally different person, not for the better. She's morphing into Grinch sadly 🙄
Followed her for a while but had to unfollow recently due to her morphing into Mrs H. She seems like a great mum but the fact she sleeps in her clothes for days and doesn't seem to wash often. I have to wash my hair everyday (I know it's not good for it but it's an obsession) and she goes weeks without doing it? And the sleeping in the makeup from the day to wear the next? Nope! Gives me the creeps. To be fair my wee one only sleeps with a blanket to get him to sleep but never has covers on during the night, he's even been wearing shorts in this weather, he just doesn't feel the cold 😂
Headline reads.....Stacey Solomon shares Golden sliced bread trick!
What the hell is the world coming to!! 🤢🤢🤢🤢

oh my god. I made my own sandwiches for lunch when I was back at school and LITERALLY always did this. It's not a 'HACK' it's common bloody sense!!! :rolleyes:


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I do agree absolutely HOWEVER I always get the impression that the house is freezing cold as she sleeps in jumpers and the older boys are often in thick thick onesies
🤣🤣🤣 my gosh! Heard it all now! You can tell what the heating is like in her house through videos on Instagram 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I doubt they’re short of a few bob to be honest, her heating is probably always on!


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Someone I used to go to school with has started an insta home account and is trying so hard to copy Stacey- she even did the whole hanging crisp cupboard thing 🙄 She then kept going on about how Stacey had liked her “tap to tidy” post. I commented “not as much as she likes #afflinks 😂 then unfollowed!