Stacey Solomon #2 Jingle bells, Stacey smells, swashy (ice) danced away!


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Thread title by Unicornishpastie, there was another but may be a bit too risque!

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Mum and friend wearing hoods and hats - put a hat on that poor little boy!!

In fairness some babies are serial hat dodgers, and shoe/sock/mitten dodgers. My daughter just pulls them off. She has one particular hat that she loves, and gets excited when I put it on her, but then she pulls it off and plays with it because to her it is not a hat but Hat, a toy that she has bonded with (it has eyes on, I think it's a penguin ). Rex might be a serial hat Dodger tbf to Stacey so I'm not judging her on this one! We just use those all in one zip up fleece lined waterproofs with hoods on and try to put the hood up instead. 🙈