Sophia & Cinzia #10 We'll only buy if its designer, but #ad for a free recliner

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You can tell Sophia is sooo aggy in this vid lol. Cinzia is annoying her clearly, she literally rolls her eyes at about 6.55-7.00 time, surprised she kept that in! I know they’re besties and comfortable w eachother, people would probs think me and my besties are pissed off at eachother with how we act, but they’re online it’s riskyyyyy


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Why buy a pair of trainers that are near enough the exact same as a pair you already have? I’d understand if Sophia was big into Jordans but we’ve established that she doesn’t know the first thing about them lol so I don’t get it. Just seems so wasteful to me. I often wonder if they’ll regret all this spending when they’re older and aren’t as relevant or getting as many ads anymore?
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