Sons school getting rid of blazers

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Sons school getting new uniform

Hi my 11 year old son year 7 school resently held a uniform consultation regarding a new uniform. The choices were to keep the current blazer and tie uniform or get a more Modern jumper and polo shirt style uniform.

There was a vote a couple of weeks ago and the results were announced on Monday. 94% of students voted for the new uniform and 74%of parents voted for the new uniform and 83% of teachers / staff also voted for the new uniform.

The school have reviled that students can wear the new uniform from November the 19th but it’s not compulsory until next September it’s available to buy from next Thursday.

Sons schools new uniform policy
School jumper with school logo
School polo shirt with school logo
Black school trousers
Plain black unbranded lace up plimsolls only No vans converse trainers boots leather shoes or heels
Unbranded plain black ugg style boots acceptable in winter months.

My son actually got chosen along side another pupil yesterday and today to model the new uniform and have photos taken in it he’s the one in the plimsolls. The school got my son to wear plimsolls as there allowed / reccommended with the new uniform.
Do you think other schools will follow suit and get rid of blazer style uniforms ???
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Most schools round here have only just gone to blazers and ties from what you have described.

I think most pupils given the option would prefer the new uniform.

Parents can be 50/50. Blazers and ties obviously make the school look more 'up market' smart however I loathe ironing shirts as a parent. So practicalities the new style uniform would win hands down for most parents in that respect surely....

I think uniforms in schools are just going to chop and change as time goes on from this style to the next.

Ironically my son chose his school because at least it didn't have a blazer...till year 8 when they introduced blazers and ties