SoniaxFyza #8 Brummie curry loving Virgo unapologetically racist

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She is apologising for the Pakistani racist slant as that’s what lost her the brand deals. She couldn’t give a shit about the doxxing or the other racist stuff she had said. She needs to lose her blue tick and not have a platform. You learn the hard way, she had countless number of opportunities to apologize but only when shit got real did she bother. Reflection? 1 day 😂😂 pull the other one.


first of all welcome to the new thread ali brothers and dad 😂😂😂 so after fyzas pathetic apology which we know she didnt mean, all i can say is YESSSSS henna!!! we are all 100% here for you and support you, fyza is definitely panicking, i wonder what sonias like rn 😂 imagine all this time we thought sonia was under fyzas rule, looks like its the other way around 😂


-1/10 for the apology video Pfizer, the only thing your sorry about is finally getting major backlash for your actions and vile words, finally! 🎉🎉.
We aren’t stupid no way you took step back from everything to reflect,soon as those followers dropped back to AliExpress to spend another £15 on 10,000 followers 🤣 you’ve had that mind set for so long and it’s been great that you’ve been finally got what’s coming to you! It’s also very hypocritical going on about how Pakistani and Indian communities inbred when your parents are first cousins, this definitely affected use mentally some kind of way.
I would still encourage everyone to send to major influencers/ repost on social media & comment for the algorithm so this stays circulating, mainly the Palestine comments which she’s now denying 🤣🤣, and let’s not forget to keep reporting it to police in Dubai, how hilarious would it be if we actually got them deported, & let’s all go follow henna if don’t already , show them that we support henna and praise her for finally calling out the bullshit things these two idiots say.


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Keep it going and hopefully we’ll have good tea from henna that will over shadow her fake apology and the 5 mins of shit she spoke will be long forgotten and just the shit circus surrounding them will shine through, no time to take our eyes of the ball with these two, their snakes and slips in and out at convenient times, the dad and brothers will be desperately trying to expose things that don't concern them. If they wants to be big men, playing the billy big bollocks how about someone steal their pics and share them around the world to see, attached to hatred from these pair, im guessing they wont like it. How sad that they are defending girls who are shameful and twisted who never once acknowledge your existence in life


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Guys she should not be able to get away with it. Everyone someone is racist they think they can apologise, lay low for a bit and then come back to light like nothing ever happened. She is not a toddler. She is an almost 30 year old woman. She has been racist all her life and now suddenly after the DM and the Sun news articles and the brands speaking against racism, she has had an epiphany 😵💫 she has plenty of time to reflect after the voice note and her initial thoughts were “I said what I said”, never for a second she admitted to being wrong or racist. Just stop Faeza 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥


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You know truthfully, I’m trying to stay very patient because I have tons of info and a lot and I mean A LOT of pictures that were sent to me of both sisters that I’m pretty sure they didn’t even know of, that they really would hateeee if they got leaked and they’re pushing my buttons and I’m so tempted
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