Slipping back into depression


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Hi darlings

So basically I suffer with depression. I use to be on medication but decided with doctor to come off them as I didn’t Want to rely on my meds

I can feel myself slipping back into it but usually I can snap out of it within a week. I’m struggling this time

Does anyone else suffer with this?


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This is actully a really positive post..... (as fucked up as that sounds 🤣)
You can recognise what’s happening and that’s brilliant, you clearly understand yourself and your illness enough to know when things are slipping so you can catch it before it goes too far.
We all go through ups and downs. Even people who don’t suffer with bad mental health, But you know your downs can be dangerous to your overall health and well-being, so it’s important you address it now.
Don’t put off asking for help, even if you just make an appointment to check in with your GP and talk about how you’re feeling, talking might be enough, medication might not be necessary this time.
Just Keep talking, keep being honest with yourself, and don’t give yourself a hard time.
Things can get better again.
But remember to use every option you have available to you to help get yourself back to that point 😘

Lars Guinard

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Agree with all the above. Recognising you are slipping back is most helpful. From personal experience, just a chat with my own GP really helped. Sometimes chatting to someone you don’t know helps, I struggle with talking to friends/family about my mental health and even though they are there for support, it doesn’t seem an option.
Hope you get some help soon and feel more yourself 😘