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She can rush out and trawl the shops for for this weeks must needed yoghurt/biscuits🙄
Always crying about not sleeping, how about doing it when your kids are at school instead of spending money on 💩
She really annoys me, slags her daughter off , then defends her publicly when she's bullied. Maybe you shouldn't slat her so much on your public Instagram account for all to see.. it's no wonder the poor girl is bullied. As for the money maker son, I feel for him but to slap all his issues over the internet for all to see is so wrong, but I forgot Lollie is the first parent with a disabled child and the first single mother to ever exist 🙄 god help the rest of us struggling privately..


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I understand being proud of your daughter and you can't deny that her daughter is stunning BUT the internet can be a dark place and I'd worry about weirdos saving those pictures or even messaging her. Not to mention their location isn't the most discreet. Like fair enough if your daughter was 18 or over and gave consent, stick the photos up but she's only like 15/16 😬