Sleep Regression

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Does anyone have any tips/advice for handling sleep regression in toddlers?

My twins are 18 months and too this point have been amazing sleepers. In the last few days my daughter is fighting sleep at every turn. I know it’s just a phase and she’ll grow out of it but she’s waking her brother up (or keeping him awake).

Any tips on how we can make it through with at least a couple of house sleep would be appreciated!
God knows, but when you have an answer let me know too! My 18 month old’s molars are coming through and she’s going through the sleep regression. I’m very nearly at my wits end. I can’t let her cry it out too long as there’s neighbours on both sides plus my ears can’t take it. Can’t imagine what it’s like to have two of them though! Solidarity from one sleep deprived Mum to another xx
Ouch. Molars too. At first I thought that’s what was up with my Charlotte but luckily not. I love her to death but right now I’d be willing to let her sleep in the shed. We’re semi detached and the little old lady next door suggested a ‘dab of whiskey’ when I was talking to her :oops:

I just have this horrible feeling she’ll get pass it then it’ll hit my son.