Skin issues endometriosis, adenomoysis & PCOS... recommendations please

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Background: So I'm 24, I have endometriosis, adenomoysis & PCOS.i have to be on the pill norethisterone permanently.

My skin is freaking awful. I never sleep with makeup on, I dont use wipes, exfoliate once a week make sure I use moisturiser yet my skin still acts up!

Can anyone recommend anything or is it time to see a professional?
Thanks x
I can only go on PCOS and mild endo which I also have so feel your pain. I don’t get spots but I get horrendously oily skin.
What’s your skin care routine like?x
What skincare products do you use?
what’s your diet and lifestyle like?
are you feeling stressed?
I try to use the brand simple products as much as possible. I wash my face morning and night and moisturise after. I exfoliate with a nip and fab scrub and glycolic serum once a week.

I eat more than my 5 a day and I'm eating healthier than ever. I've put on weight from being on nerve blockers (no longer on these) Its not a huge amount but I can notice it.

I am stressed with work, appointments, etc, I'm never not stressed! X
I suffer from adenomoysis and it’s awful (I’m still discussing options with my consultant), so for you to have those other conditions as well must be really bad. I used to suffer with my skin, but then I cut out sugar after reading a book by a guy called Dr Hyman (reduced alcohol to a few gins at the weekend), ate plenty of oily fish, eggs, chicken, tons of vegetables and salads, good fats (olives, extra virgin olive oil, nuts, nut butters), drank water all day and kept to one coffee in the morning, and everything cleared up. I have the odd sugary treat now and then, but its not everyday. My beauty products are minimal. I get the odd breakout when it’s that time of the month, but just 1 spot. Nothing I can’t hide. Not sure if the diet was a factor for me, but I definitely saw a difference and so stick to it.
Niacinamide may help calm everything down. The nice thing is it's cheap enough to try out with brands like The Ordinary. If you do try it, apply just to one part of your face for a while in case you fear you're going to get a reaction from it. I apply it to slightly damp skin. It was a life saver for me clearing up redness and scars from severe rosacea and I use it for any break outs since with great success.
I have PCOS, and I’ve had bad acne on and off my whole adult life (I’m 35 now and still get spots). Acne is nothing to do with hygiene or skincare routines. It’s an issue with hormones, your gut, or both. My skin cleared up when I was on the combined pill (because of the oestrogen), but it was absolutely awful when I was on the mini pill (no oestrogen). What kind of pill is yours? I’m not on any pill at the moment, but I take a very good quality probiotic pill every day, use lactic acid (from the ordinary), and vitamin c serum, and, whilst I do still get spots, my skin is nowhere near as bad as it was.
I had bad acne (and PCOS) from the age of 12 and the only thing that ever worked was a course of Roaccutane when I was 28. Changed my life! I’m 30 now and have been off it for a year and I only get a couple of small spots on my chin when I’m due on, whereas I used to constantly have big, sore spots and cystic acne. It’s also calmed the oil down a lot
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