Sir Joe Wicks OBE

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I know a lot of you hate him for his parenting and thats fair but I would like to give Joe props for all the workouts he has done over the quarantine period. As someone who loves the gym and deals with their mental health through exercise having something to still do that is low equipment and quite easy to follow along and learn while still getting a sweat on (sometimes his HIIT 30 min workouts get me sweating more then I would in the gym) is so useful and despite Joe's instagram and brand deal content being genuinely very trash in my opinion I actually really enjoy his personality when he does his HIIT workouts or his PE with Joe sessions. I like the fact that he struggles himself throughout some of his exercises and pushes himself it's quite good to see someone in the fitness industry not be breezing through the workout themselves. I know some people don't like the Brent impressions I personally love them as a massive Office fan and they give me a bit of a laugh when doing a set of burpees or climbing the ope (that exercise is torture every time)

I feel if Joe focussed less on being an expert on everything, dialled back his instagram content and stuck to doing YouTube HIIT classes and easy recipes he'd be perceived in a better view. I have actually made his protein pancakes for breaky a few times and they are great same with his turkey burger recipe (whole family loved that)

I'm also from Australia and my first exposure to Joe was with the PE lessons and I found him great fun it was only when I followed him on instagram that I found that sometimes he does come off a bit of a silly buggger
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I decided to do some of his beginner/senior (lol) workouts and I like his personality. I agree that it’s nice that he shows that he’s out of breath etc.
I don’t follow his trash thread so not sure why people don’t like him.
But I commend him for helping so many people and donating the ad revenue.
I honestly knew very little of him prior to lockdown, but my daughter wanted to do PE with Joe so I started following him on Insta. And I’ve been genuinely surprised by how likeable I found him (I hate exercise and exercise gurus as a general rule). I don’t even mind the David Brent stuff 😄

He reminds me a lot of Jamie Oliver, in that he genuinely wants to help improve public health but gets a lot of stick for saying the wrong thing and having the wrong accent. He obviously wants to build an empire and make loads of money too, but I don’t begrudge him that. I’ve even been doing one of his beginners HIIT videos and haven’t sacked it off after a week. Amazing!
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he might get grief on this site, but without him I wouldn't be over 2 stone lighter. I did every PE with Joe and still do PE/Body Coach workout 6x week and i'm managing my food by calorie counting. he kept me going during lockdown, through furlough and eventual redundancy and now in the ongoing job search.

I'm a fan. and he got the nation moving and built a lovely community, even for 20mins a day. he's not everyone's bag, to be sure but he did raise a LOT for charity and I owe him my fitness and my health.

Sure he will become richer off the back of it and the MBE (well deserved I think), but this is nothing new, everyone that participated in Live Aid got crazy rich through album sales after their unpaid appearance.
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You know he's not a Sir and he received an MBE not OBE?
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