Sinead’s Curvy Style #5 can’t dress for her size, all her meals served with fries

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Shes basically a grifter.



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It’s weird that the father is on her Instagram modelling men’s clothes but really will probably turn out to be quite lucrative for that menswear shop for women looking for Father’s Day gifts. I would never make it in marketing though 😂😂


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Does anyone know where Simon is gone she hasn’t mentioned him in weeks and normally when he’s working away she will say it I’m starting to wonder have they broken up?
He's probably just working away. Works on oil rigs I believed.


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Is she actually wearing shapewear under her gym clothes? She thinks she is hilarious but I find her forced humour cringey.
I think we’ve all been exposed to a Sinead in work or in school over the years, the loudest fake laugh, the I’m everyone’s friend type but they are in fact the fakest biggest bullies you’ll ever meet. It’s great she wants to get fit & has the career as an influencer but I’d say she’d sell her mom for a brand ambassador role.
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