Should youtubers block people the way they do?

Should youtubers block people the way they do?

  • Yes

    Votes: 3 27.3%
  • No

    Votes: 8 72.7%

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This is a common thing some (I can't say "all", haven't watch them all) youtubers do.
Personally, I can't stand it. They won't accept different opinions, they won't accept constructive criticism, they only want people to express how much they adore them and everything they do. It is normal to delete and block hate and harmful things but I don't think that people who don't idolize them should be blocked. Youtubers aren't perfect and some viewers aren't blind so they will express their opinions..

What do you think?
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I think it's pathetic YouTubers that just want to live in their own bubble that's an echo chamber of people saying how amazing they are and can never do any wrong.

They are the ones that suffer by never developing themselves. Anyone that isn't gushing is just a "jelous hater"
Depends how vile the comment...I guess what I am trying to say if the comment is relevant to say what's been posted they have to accept people will have opposite opinions or give advice which is often mocked or not what you always want to hear

Trolls I think are pathetic just name calling etc I guess leave them standing for so long... Have seen good time YouTubers let them stand for so long, maybe give a good clap back or just say finally have blocked so and so because I get the person doesn't like me!

Am tied with the Ingham's though as some comments were asking proper questions about allegations etc and they vanished, were blocked. People just have to say something as innocent as I don't like that product you use and that's it if they see.. gone. I guess just in case they loose revenue

Surely on the internet you take the rough with smooth. Everyone is aware of idiots.

Tough call... However though am commenting on this site I actually wouldn't troll anyone. I don't believe there is any need not to treat people with respect. I don't comment on YouTube but the times I feel like commenting is when something has riled me. So as the Ingham's it would have been say on the vlog they got Prinny to say. You do realise you have just supported byb breeders and puppy farms. To me that's a true raising awareness comment but no doubt that would be classed as trolling. Anyone with an ounce of decency who had bought a puppy that way not knowing would probably be ok with a comment like that. Had bought a puppy naively and sure I would have my comment be deleted or be called a pig to a dog. Let's be fair my wording isn't even nasty... Others may have called them out saying it such as you ignorant arseholes buying a dog from a puppy farm... There is a big difference.

Am waffling now so I will shut up!