Sarah’s Day #37 Kurt’s probably wishing he’d swiped the other way, but he stays for Sarah's pay day

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Did her and Kurt actually meet on tinder?
Yes, I found out about 2 years ago from one of her Sydney friends that was hanging out with her around the time she met him. It wasn’t until the traumatic breakdown this year that I found tattle and this thread and had somewhere to shed some light 😂 And the source has no reason to lie because I don’t know Sarah personally. We know Scuzzy reads here so I don’t want to be too specific about the source in case they get blasted by Scuzz
They abssolutely are, I believe. This is why I am not shocked that she's "influencing" people into desiring babies. They're probably all anti-abortionists as well.

What she should launch, and what would do REALLY frikking good with the stans, is her own unique line of TINFOIL HATS.

SD times WFX Sezzy Special TinFoil Hats -- limited ed, for all you smol human anti-vax mUmMs out there. Great for your post-lockdown, un-vaxed picnic and brunch outings.
So many of you have asked in my DM’s, and I’m wearing an XS tinfoil hat

This is actually really good for search results so people who Google it will find the thread
that’s what I’m hoping to achieve.


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Me just sitting here thinking about how much Christmas Day would be completely ruined if the host said they made a “HeAlThY lUnCh”.

Also side note, “healthy” is having balance - being able to indulge when you want & making the right dietary decisions for your lifestyle. Healthy is not restricting certain foods groups & manipulating classic dishes to mould into your ED “safe foods” category. But Sarah probably won’t mind pigging out this year because she is pReGgY & food intolerances seem to only matter to her when she is trying to lose weight.


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So her Sunee Projedkt is a Christmas menu? Surely that's going to appeal to NO ONE.
The teenagers who are most of her subscribers won't be cooking Xmas dinner and any adults that are cooking Christmas dinner have almost certainly done it before or atleast know enough to NOT pay like $40 for 3 months of Sunee #stillnomonthlysubscription #welistentofeedbacksowecanimprove
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ETA: that butter less burnt toast that's 1/4 of the second pic isn't exactly selling her cooking skills 😬
Plus, those Christmas recipes of hers will not even work for the staniest stans outside of Australia. Because surprise, the rest of the world celebrates Christmas in winter and won’t want to have a surf n turf bbq…

So apparently Tanika’s birthday, you’d think Sezzy would do a little ‘shoutout’ for her Maid of Honour/Bestie after she’s done for our qwEEN 🥲🥲🥲 On second thought, nahhhh that’s not something a narcissist would do 😅😅😅😅

Plus no sight of Sezzy at her Bday Dinner - proof that she’s not vaxxed ?? Still a little lizard stuck in her encounter 🦎



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I’m a professional editor and can I just say… yes sometime systems like Final Cut Pro or premiere pro crash unexpectedly but it’s very unlikely that you lose everything. Editing videos takes hours and these programs automatically create saved back up files. This is most likely a lie and excuse because she feels anxiety about releasing the video.
can we also talk about how weird this story clip was. She set her phone up so they can sit there and put on forced smiles while they watch church services. 🤮
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