Sarah This Mama Life #5 Robs going away, Granny can’t stay, sausages every day!


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Why oh why has she posted a pic of sliced, burnt to an absolute crisp potatoes and plain probably dry salmon and thinks this is a good looking meal! It baffles me that she thinks this food looks good! Cannot get over the black potatoes. But don’t worry, she’s not eating the shit she gives her kids, she will have a lettuce leaf with a sprinkle of mince prepped for herself probably


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Looks like Isla is getting some fancy 3 teared cake. L got this, seems little effort went into his.
Same as Rebecca Lamb then, first-born golden-child gets a fancy expensive, professional cake. Second-born after-thought child gets a crap zero-effort homemade thing. (If you haven’t seen Rebecca’s attempt at a cake for Woody then you are missing out, if it wasn’t desperately unfair on the poor little boy, it would be absolutely hilarious).

Just to add I have NOTHING against homemade, less than Pinterest worthy cakes. As long as they are made with love, and each child is treated the same. However both these mothers put zero effort into their homemade cakes.


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She spent £25 on a balloon garland that needs self assembly...FFS that seems excessive and completely unnecessary in the current climate. Does she not realise a postal worker is risking their life to deliver her these non essential items?!


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£25 is a crazy amount to spend on balloons. Never mind its for a pretend birthday or that the current climate suggests not to spend on unnecessary items 🙄

She couldnt even let the kids decorate them eggs for the tesco ad. They were clearly done by her.
Yep! Everything placed in exactly the right place 🙈 really? For a 3 year old?!

It bothers me so much as well that she always eats different food to the kids, especially when they seem to be eating together a lot of the time. The children will notice and wonder why, how does she explain it?!

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