Sarah Burke #8

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13 stone in January and 11s 12 now! Who believes it? Dats a stone and 2 pound loss no way, why not show the scales like all the other consultants do? I say she’s down 7lbs at most, she was down 3.5 one week den maintained the following one according to her she never showed us!! She’s a bullshitter if I ever heard one


I’m waiting to see the same before and after pictures again for the 600th time....she would even give paracetamol a headache
She is painful, god bless her. A lot of people were glad to see the back of her after the split. All she has is her sisters and they are all busy moving on with their lives as well. Sarah is still stuck in 2019 when she was the centre of attention, she needs a reality check. She is the sister without a partner, Brian has moved on with a gorgeous girl and her Instagram account has gone stale and boring. She is under constant pressure to bring in new members to her group, she only stays under head office radar by expanding her groups but having nothing to show for all this supposed weight loss only some highlighted shoulder blades is not inspiring her members


Why did she destroy a perfect jumper? You can see the threads hanging on for dear life.
Because all she can show for all the weight that she has supposedly lost is shoulder blades that she has put half a bottle of liquid highlighter on.
Nothing has come from her face and we know if her stomach or legs were smaller she would show them off.
Over a stone lost and no change? Very sus
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