Sani pads come in different sizes now??!?

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I haven’t had a period for 7 years as I had a Mirena coil which was removed a few weeks ago.
Among other things I used Always Ultra pads - since I was 11. Green ones with wings for the day. Purple wings for night.

Nowadays there are 5 different sizes of Always pads for different size pants?! Wtf? 🙄 Feel like the world has passed me by? So confused
Honestly, it's so confusing. I recently had to buy pads for the first time in decades and one pack I bought, they were literally longer than my knickers. They came out the top at the front and the back. I don't even wear small knickers. 🤔
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Yeah and what are small knickers?? Is it the style e.g Brazilian brief vs big belly warmers or is it the dress size?! I’m so confused and Always aren’t cheap for experimenting!
I think it means the style of knickers. Try some own brand ones, they're a lot cheaper. I didn't try Always because I'd read a lot of posts about them irritating women.