Sammi Maria #2 Finally single, wannabe spiritual...still painfully delusional.

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I’ve said it here before, but those on social media who come from a background that is familiar with handling finances (not necessarily rich, but just knowing when to get in a professional to help) have done much better with consolidating succes in the peak phase. They got good accountants (and tax advice) and made sure they got on the property ladder to secure their future for when things go past-peak.

Sam should have at least had a house and made a dent in the mortgage by now. That combined with the property’s value increasing would have helped a lot.

Although it’s possible they (she) liquidated the company to deal with alimony discussions.
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I nearly ran to tattle when I saw her story last night but didn't because I thought the "reveal", if that's what it was, was too casual to be anything.

Then again Sammi isn't overly showy so it'd make sense for her to just randomly pop her new guy on socials.

He does look like her type though based on Jason and Ricky.

Edit: Funny. When I clicked to his profile yesterday it was private, now it's public. If he is her new boo, YouTube boyfriend career incoming.

If she starts posting more and posting him, that'll be saaaddd. I get it might just coincidentally be that she feels more emotionally ready to be active again but it'll be annoying if a man/relationship has sped that up.

I need Sammi to get some self esteem outside of a relationship asap*

*If that's the case!
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So like her new jewelry is on the London, Ibiza & NY collections. One thing that confuses me about her jewelry is that idk how her jewelry represents these places. Is their something that i'm missing here?
I actually thought it made sense when she explained the first three collections in the 'how I style my jewelry' video she posted back when the brand first launched, but after watching the video about the ibiza collection, I just find it hard to believe she actually has that much to do with the design process. Describing something as 'I guess inspired by like... the ocean?' just made me lose a bit of confidence. That along with her calling herself a brand owner, when people on this thread has mentioned that it's another brand that owns sammimaria jewelry is just a bit weird to me. I also thought it was a fine idea to do the city thing as the first launch but... is this gonna be the only thing they do?
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