Sallie Axl #40 Prolapsed face, you big disgrace, dropping your coke all over the place!

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What she said in her crack head voice on the Harrods story made no sense to me earlier but now I’ve had 3 wines I’m more on her level 🥳 I think she said “gutted Mugler isn’t in here, it’s only the perfumes so I’m gonna have to go to Flannels”
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She said something along the lines of “they don’t have the latest Thierry Mugler lines here so I’m going to flannels” …Mugler is the “hot” designer atm.. Kim K loves him… Sallie trying to be high fasHUN
That’s the leggings she was wearing the other week. Harrods has more class 😭 when she wears shit like that I do think that’s real (don’t shoot me guuaaaays) because they don’t cost that much out of her OF income but the higher end stuff that’s like over £500 it all looks snide. The Fendi dress and Balenciaga bag are good examples.

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What is her obsession with being rich ?
We all know she couldn’t even pay for a flight and had to borrow the money off her mate ! Walking though Harrods with a quid in her pocket after spending the last of her £ in the ivy 💰
She also strikes me as the sort that wouldn’t pay you back even if she did have the money.

Like when rich people steal because they can and they like the little buzz it gives them.
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