Sali Hughes #40 The carbon footprint on that hair.

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Oh God I have several versions of Meteorites including the metal compact! They were a real cult item at one time. I was obsessed with them and the packaging but they're messy, highly scented, too shiny and overpriced. I should purge really.
Same here! It does nothing for me whatsoever, was insanely expensive and can’t be refilled with a different guerlain compact.


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I got suckered in to so much stuff, thinking the recommendations were genuine. I still find it hard to believe how susceptible I was. My credit card bill still reminds me every month though and this goes back to the old GTL days.
Thankfully I am a lot more savvy now. Don't spend what I don't have and am much more mindful with anything I do buy.

Clarisonic and meteorites compact were definitely in there though.


I remember once being influenced ( very unlike me ) to buy some kind of primer - it was a luxury brand,YSL or Dior. It had gold flecks in it I think. It’s not the current YSL primer - this was years ago. The column hailed it as some universally flattering miracle. I couldn’t believe how crap it was. I looked like the crypt keeper when I put it on.I have good skin and it aged me about 10 years.
So that was that for me.
I just buy what appeals to me on brand’s own websites plus the old favourites I’ve used for years. You know yourself better than any influencer does. I find influencers have the opposite effect on me , the more they praise the more I make a point to avoid it. Surely they must be creating an ‘anti influencer’ effect half the time now. People are wising up.


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That name sounds familiar . I actually thought it was a manufacturing fault , it was so terrible on me.
I wonder if others had the same experience.


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That name sounds familiar . I actually thought it was a manufacturing fault , it was so terrible on me.
I wonder if others had the same experience.
Was it a recommendation in this odd video that influenced you? I bought a different, but also disappointing, YSL product on the basis of the hyping here.

I think this video was the first time I began to doubt SH. Not so much the hyping as her appearance. Her forehead seemed so smooth and unmoving and there was something odd about her mouth. It looked to me like the result of cosmetic procedures but, given her commitment to honesty, I didn't believe that she'd have had a cosmetic procedure without being open about it. I sort of convinced myself that it was just the odd filming that was making her look different.

I’ve actually bought quite a few things because I read about them on Sali’s Grauniad column. One was the Wonderfull eyebrow stuff from Rimmel which is great. Other stuff has been from the Superdrug own brand, particularly the B range. Plus it’s always on special offer.

but none of those things has cost me more than a tenner, I would never spend my hard earned on anything significantly more than that because of Shill Here.
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