Saffron Barker #14 Hinting she’s going into the jungle, what a big deal, omg kangaroo penis is unreal

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Saffron was cooking burger and wedges with Hello Fresh, pretending she orders it all the time when we know she just eats peanut butter on a rice cracker daily

Anyways, her weird behavior with food is evident in this video and you see her pan to Tyler's plate but not hers. The next clip she's eating one wedge.



Finished the vlog

First day of holiday, she comments how "big" her shorts are. Tbh I think she's done this to feel skinner because wtf

You don't see her eat anything at the breakfast buffet as she doesn't vlog it and she doesn't vlog her lunch (the chips are Wendys)


The first meal she vlogs and probably eats is dinner. Yikes


And of course the next day she's burning those calories off

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Tbf I think yes the girl does have some issues around food, but I don't think it's anything more or deeper than just having a poor mindset around food, likely due to diet culture (which could also been a bit from Wendy as women around Wendy's age were first exposed to fad dieting via magazines, grew up in the era of stick thin models etc etc).
In the video before this one, Saffron goes to London with Jed and orders a full English for breakfast and seems completely at ease with it; I think if she was actively restricting or showing signs of an ED, you would be able to sense the anxiety.
Just my rambly 2 cents.


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You can see from just looking at Saffron she eats a healthy amount of food. Her issue is wanting to be SEEN as someone who restrict, so this is what she portrays on video, but she doesn’t actually walk the walk and eat how she makes it seem. I always say it, she’s a secret eater.
Agreed. It kind of reminds me when you're a teen and too embarrassed/afraid to eat in front of your crush


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Saffron eats way more then she lets on to on camera
Exactly this
She hides what she eats on purpose
It’s the typical behaviour of someone who has a problematic relationship with food
And the fact that’s she’s constantly burning calories off, it’s a kind of red flag for me. Makes me think she probably binges and then eventually does damage control

again, I’m no expert. I may be wrong, but that’s my impression


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she wants to make out like she's some super fit gym bunny. Sorry Saffron your just not haha your body is not built that way! Normalise eating normal food to your audience not just chicken and brocolli ffs, If you want 3 plates of chips on holiday you do that, nothing to be ashamed about

What a sad little life jane hahahha
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