Saffron Barker #14 Hinting she’s going into the jungle, what a big deal, omg kangaroo penis is unreal

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Just watched Casey holiday day vlog and noticed they were sitting desperately a lot. They were all sitting separately on the mini bus. Wendy and Darren weren’t sitting next to each and when they have breakfast the next day Wendy is sitting with nicole, Casey and the kids abs Darren and he’s are sitting on a different table across the room even though there was room for them on the others table. Weird


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I love how Imogen doesn’t drop everything for jed n his family. Like that’s a normal girl. She started uni before she met him n shes continued. She could easily hop on the trend n start a channel and leech of him n would probs make a lot of money but she’s acc doing something she loves. Unlike Tyler who jumps everytime saffron tells him to n feeds off the attention😂😂. I guess Imogen had a following before jed so she’s probs not fussed but I like how she didn’t go on holiday w them. I find it so weird their partners all go n do what they want like you rarely see saffron on holiday w Tyler’s family or in his house it’s always w her family in her house in her area same w Nicole although her family are abroad like I find it so odd once u start dating a Barker your whole life revolves around them. It reminds me of Get Out 😂😂
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