Saffron Barker #14 Hinting she’s going into the jungle, what a big deal, omg kangaroo penis is unreal

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This whole "I ran a marathon with hardly any training" thing is so dangerous to promote. I hope none of her younger followers think that this is ok and attempt it. She could have become injured, or worse. There's a reason they give out free training guides.
Not just that but she’s got a running machine which she previously showed us. Presumably she has been glued to that for the past few months.
She thinks her viewers are that stupid. No, we‘re not gonna fall for your lies Saff 🙄
Yeah it was meant to be like 3 but ended up being 8 of something. Expect a story time from Jed and Casey along with a massive click bait on the naseyfam channel “scariest flight of our life!” In big red letters
I think it actually did say similar haha. He just spoke a bit about turbulence. I was only half listening though. A 5 hour delay in the air must have been terrible with the kids on board. Urgh.
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