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Dear Emilia, Eduardo, Alessia and Andrea,

You don't know me, but, I know you all very well.

I know what time you wake up at, I know what you eat for breakfast, I know what time you brush your teeth at, I know what time you go to school and Pre School at.
I know where you go to School and pre School. I know what uniform and colour coats you wear, I know the names of your friends and what they look like, I know where and when you do after school activities, I know what time you get home from school at.
I know what time you eat dinner, I know what you eat for dinner,
I know what time you go to bed at, I know what your bedroom looks like, I know when you have wet the bed, I know when you have been naughty.
I know when you are struggling with homework, I know when you get your hair cut.
I know what expensive toys you have, I know what expensive gadgets your Dad has, I know what expensive bags your mum has, I know when your Mum and Dad are not going to be home, I know what alarm system your house has, I know where the cameras are around your house, I know intimate details about your parents, I know where and when you go on Holidays, I know who your relations are.
I know when you're upset, I know when you've had enough, I know when you're frustrated.
I know every single little detail about your whole life since the second you were born and the whole world does too.
This is the life your parents chose for you, you never had a say. This is the career your parents chose and get paid for at your expense.
I am very sorry Emilia, Eduardo, Alessia and Andrea that your Parents and family failed to protect you from this breach of Privacy so early in your lives , when you deserved Privacy most. I'm sorry that your Parents chose to dismiss my concerns and everyone else's concerns for your Privacy by making up the term 'Trolls' for anyone who dared had a difference of opinion to their corrupt way of selling your privacy.
I am very sorry you did not have a private , stress free, guilt free, safe and secure and normal childhood like most of your Friends had.
We all did try to help!
Hopefully one day soon, YouTube and all Social media outlets will give you the privacy you deserve. Hopefully one day some Child protection agency will be your voice and stop making you work for free for your parents.
Hopefully one day your Parents will realise exactly how much danger they have put you all in by over sharing you little lives.
You don't know me, but I know so much about you all.

( It wasn't until I was writing this I realised just how much we all know about these poor kids. How unsafe it is to broadcast their every move to the public. I know JonBoy and Anal like to paint most of us with concern as the jealous , weird ones looking to cause trouble, but I'm just a normal woman who is a parent myself and has real concern for these poor kids. There is I'm sure , unstable people who are obsessed with this family that could very, very easily find their way into their lives for very bad reasons. I hope one day the children read this and understand exactly how unsafe their childhood was. )


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do you guys ever feel jealous of their lifestyle? tbh i kinda do sometimes, not that I´d wanna look put together every day, have hair and makeup done and wear fancy clothes (cause God-forbid simple clothes), which I think its total pressure of Anna to need to look perfect cause maybe her friends or moms at the school would watch or I wouldn't wanna feel the pressure to share something fun or entertaining for my viewers, nor would I wanna have my kids for public domain to judge whatever they want about them as long as my bank account is full but I´m honestly jealous of the house, kitchen, the patio that looks like a freaking park, the cars or their lifestyle. watching its like a drug, cause they sometimes makes me feel bad about my life but I cannot stop watching cause it became my routine. I try to not let it get to me but it makes me bitter cause I know I´ll never afford any of that, please tell me I´m not the only one and someone else out there can relatee
Youtubers like to pretend that the people who criticise them on forums are only doing so because we're 'jealous' trolls but I think their fans and those who watch them are the ones who are truly jealous as they think they represent some sort of couple goals or ideal family life.

But it's all a sham. As has been said, the cars are leased (besides, a short fat man driving a Ferrari gives off total overcompensating vibes, especially when he never goes out of the local area) The decor is cheap and nasty. The house is a factory for making online content from the lives of the children trapped inside. It's a grey prison, not a 'home'.

Imagine there being no boundary, no line, between a performance for strangers and your day to day private moments. Your parents can film you everywhere in the house, even in the bathroom. Your father will even get into the bed beside you to film. Why are people not totally appalled by this? A child actor knows the difference between an acting job and home life but these kids' home is the filming location, they have never had a break since they were born. Four children who think it's normal to have no privacy, no freedom to make mistakes , no space to develop autonomy. Child psychologists would say all these things are vital for a child's development. They are the touchstones of the United Nations commitment to the rights of the child; privacy, dignity, security.

A child's right to a home is paramount. A place to retreat from the world, not a place where the world follows you into bed. Its astonishing that we have allowed this to develop, although I do think certain people with power are starting to wake up.

They are slaves to Youtube before they're old enough to even understand what it is. Their parents are lazy, vain, greedy and stupid.

Why watch them when you are directly adding to their income by doing so? Isn't that a bit masochistic? If you must watch then at least download AD block. I get all the new info from here, no need to ever watch them again.

Something built on shaky foundations, and gained by being dishonest and exploiting your children, is nothing to be jealous of. And they know it too. They'll always be looking over their shoulder, waiting for their luck to finally run out.


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So in yesterday's vlog they drove by Jonathan's old house in Dublin. Big house with enough space for several cars to park out front, he pointed at the window at the top and said 'one of them was my bedroom' and then at the bay window saying that was his brother's room.

Hang on a minute... He's been going on and on about how poor he was growing up, and how he had to share a room with all his siblings...... hmmmmm........ Difficult to remember all those lies, isn't it Jonathan??


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Jon says while holding a squirming Andy, "I can't have anything fancy in my life with you children"

Anna says, "It's just him. Well, actually that's not fair. It him and him and her" And she points also at Edward and Allesia who are RIGHT THERE beside her. Edward is listening.

Jon looks to Emelia and says, "Emelia, we could live the fantasy life if it was just you"

Anna turns the camera to herself, her head nodding, lips pulled tight and says, "True story".

This is the 2nd time within two weeks that I have seen them fantasize about only having 1 child and that one child is Emelia. Not only is it terribly cruel to the 3 other children, these are dangerous desires for them to put out into the universe. Sometimes people do get what they ask for.


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So Anna doesn't let her kids breath in her house yet in other people's houses they run around, jump all over the furniture, run around all over the house, wear shoes in the house, how about Anna and Jonathan you treat other people's homes the way you expect others to treat your home. Disgusting parenting those children don't know how to behave.


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And another click bait title. I’m having to unsubscribe, these people making money out of tricking people with is she isn’t she pregnant when they knew full well she wasn’t. Jonathon there on her routine smear test joking away...
Today Iv been for another round of blood tests to get another round of hormones to try month 18 of ttc, came home today and sobbed my eyes out, just to see a video of these people thinking it’s funny and light hearted to joke about these things. You don’t realise how truly heartbreaking it can be until you struggle to conceive or know someone who is. rant over, it’s just hit a nerve tonight


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Not saying Thank You to his mum for babysitting, shoving the free sundae back into the chef's face saying to 'leave it with Anna' instead of thanking him, Anna constantly on her phone or with her phone an inch from her plate on date night, Emilia walking all over the seats in the restaurant this morning, then sitting with her shoes on the seat and three iPads between four kids to keep them "well behaved" because they never bothered and are too lazy to teach them manners (or in Jonathan's case handing down his own rude, ungrateful behaviour to the kids)...

All this in not even 24h. I have many issues with this family, but them being so rude and incredibly ungrateful for all the blessings they have is what ticks me off the most.


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I’m not sure if I’ve posted on one of their threads before.. they annoy the hell out of me so much that I tend to ignore them and forget they exist completely.. at least until their videos start popping up on my recommend. Which unfortunately seems to happen a lot lately.. so it’s time for me to click don’t recommend this channel and hope they don’t show up again.

They need to drop the whole click bait pregnancy. This whole pregnant/not pregnant seems like some sort of running joke to them from what I see on here. I’m not sure how anyone else feels (maybe it’s just me) but as some one who has gone through 1 miscarriage, 2 failed ivf cycles, 7 years of hell ttc and is still ttc for baby no.1 this ‘joke’ makes me feel sick. It’s not funny and it makes me feel sick that they are using it to get views.

Anal youre not pregnant. You don’t want to be. You clearly can get pregnant as you’ve already got 4 brats that you can’t even look after properly. So stop with the click bait already.


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Twice this week he’s been sent a dvd and felt the need to point out that he doesn’t have a DVD player. Has he any manners? Thank the people for the dvd & shut your mouth. I would love to get an empty DVD player box, shit in it & send it to him.


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I'm Irish too hi! That's why they left Ireland - the Irish people wouldn't put up with those clowns, they'd never be popular there as they're just too false and nasty.
The Irish saw right through him and his scam. Remember the RTE radio interview he did? The interviewer despised him and, rather wonderfully, didn't care if he knew it. Link below:

It was after this PR disaster that they hit upon what has become their modus operandi...make people feel sorry for you and that way they can't also criticise you. Victimhood as career strategy.

The first major evidence of this was the card he claimed came from a stalker that was sent to their address in Cork threatening Emilia with rape and Eduardo with having his penis removed and fed to the dog. It was clear that he wrote it himself. What degree of disconnection from your children is required to use their names in such a dirty, deranged trick? Who would allow themselves to even think that way about their kids?

The SJs are disturbed and sick. The PR firms and brands making money off them are also culpable, they've fed the monster and stoked their egos, allowing them to pretend to be important and 'famous'. Its all a scam. If it wasn't for the children I wouldn't care less.

Two sets of kids are impacted, their own and all the ones watching who think they are family goals and that it's normal to have your birthday sponsored by companies trying to make money off your private moments, or that its normal to complain about all your children so publicly. Not to mention the horror of all the kids who now think cold showers are an ideal punishment and wrote in the comments about how they will adopt it when they have children themselves.

Now they are pretending that their whole career has not been all about drawing in the young, the gullible, the lonely, the easily impressed and that they are now an adult channel. The swearing and crudeness is just another scam, a ruse to avoid being tagged as a channel for children under the new rules (Zoella is also swearing like a trouper these days, its quite bizarre to watch) They don't care about the effect this might be having on the actual children who watch them.

Report their channel to Youtube, making it clear that they are attempting to avoid the new rules in a dishonest manner. They have always been a channel that has deliberately attracted kids, and they've exploited the gullibility of those young viewers for years.
No self-respecting, sane, adult would watch them (apart from those who want to also be youtubers and those who think they are getting an insight into life in the UK, lol)


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Don't forget, Jonathan jokes about Eduardo a lot too. They're both as bad as each other. Anna hurts them emotionally more, Jonathan puts them in physical danger every time he has them in the car or when he does his crazy stunts. And of course they both exploit them every single day.

They are both unfit parents and disgusting human beings. Who behaves worse than the other just depends on the day. The kids are always the victims.


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longtime lurker, I more or less just read this site as my ‘YouTube newspaper’ to be honest with you, but just thought I’d add my two pence worth, I actually entered the amazon giveaway they was doing, I even linked my own YouTube channel so Jonathon knows I definitely do not care about being filmed so not sure what that excuse is about? also I have to add when Anna said in a vlog about putting things price high to low so you get the better quality stuff first it actually made me so angry, I sent in my personal information about my life and how I don’t have much money to people who have that snobby attitude about money? don’t think they have any idea how that made me feel as a person & probably other people who entered, I’ve tried so hard to keep supporting them over the years, but I’ve had enough truth be told.
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