RVK Loves #12 Alllllllll the gifted Joules, but not for you {working class} fools?


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Well done to everyone who has emailed Joules and/or commented on social media - at least they will see that this influencers stuff is starting to annoy people. Whether they choose to act on that remains to be seen.

I was just thinking to myself that the ‘influencers’ are actually having an effect; they are ‘influencing’ some of us. But probably not in the way Joules (and many other companies) hoped - they’ve influenced us NOT to buy 👏


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Yep. I’ve got a few Joules bits for myself and my daughter, always in the sale for her because the kids stuff is so expensive. It’s good quality and good sizes for her (she’s a giant baby!) but I will think twice about shopping there again. I didn’t notice Grabby sharing any Joules stuff for Bentos before the freebies rolled in.


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I’ve been reading this thread for a while, and I just have to say something.

I cannot believe her tweets from a few years ago - if she was like that then she is most certainly or even worse now. It’s true a leopard never changes their spots. Ironic that one of her followers on her sympathy post said “never put something online which you will regret years later” she obviously doesn’t know about RVKs racist, mum shaming, brand bashing and general horrid comments. And she has deleted her twitter account - wouldn’t sit very well with all the brands she wants to get free crap from. Someone needs to create a parody account “rvklovestotweet”expose her for what she really is and tag all the brands she works with.

Also this happens a lot with the influencers - every now and then they go on the whole ‘mental health’ bandwagon, almost like a check box exercise to check in with the followers to make them feel current. I remember the time she had just come back from a free trip to the Caribbean, straight to Le Manior and all of a sudden she is depressed - fast forward a couple of months it was actually because she got her period a few months after trying - GET A GRIP, she is so out of touch with reality, what about all those people genuinely struggling to conceive. She just has no compassion or an ounce of empathy.

And her poor baby - I find it very odd when people plaster their children all over social media, showing intimate details for tens of thousands of strangers to follow - putting it all out there for everyone and their dog to see. But if she didn’t do it she would actually need to buy things herself.

What happened to that Pregnacare ad she did, raving about it but then in her stories was going on about other vitamins and then the post was taken down?! It just all stinks.
I know nothing about marketing and the impact of influencers but... It would be really interesting to know if Joules can correlate the money spent on that #presstrip and the financial benefit to their brand.

All I can see is a couple of Instagram posts and a few stories that disappear. However much some folk love their influencers, would these posts translate into mega sales for Joules? I can't really see it.. 🤷‍♀️


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I’m glad people have made comments to Joules about using influencers and all the freebies. I’m really hoping the influencer bubble bursts soon. We need less grabbiness, less fakery and less materialism/ consumerism. These people only think of themselves. They are sales people at the end of the day.
The problem here is all the commenting on Joules Instagram probably won’t even be seen by Joules, it’s run by marketing agencies. They’re the ones who contact so called influencers regardless of how they’ve achieved their most likely fake follower numbers!