RVK Loves #11 Save your airmiles Rebecca, there’s a B&Q in Watford


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Mine was the same. She would have kicked off majorly sitting on the beach for more than ten mins and she has never been content just to sit and play. Certainly not watch me cook while sitting in her high chair. Maybe Grabby will have a baby like ours next time and it will be a rude awakening, as no doubt there will be others in her NCT group who she probably looks down on assuming it is their parenting rather than her luck.
I’ve had one baby of each type. The ‘easy’ baby was second so I knew it had nothing to do with my parenting😂


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Mum has posted pics of the balloon release at Grabbys wedding. She really the least environmentally aware person. Carbon footprint the size of a small nation and the release of non degrading plastics. But still happy to post #organic #earthmother #homegrown type pointless shite.
Either Grabby or mumma has been reading here very recently- mumma is now a private account 🧐