RVK Loves #11 Save your airmiles Rebecca, there’s a B&Q in Watford

Hope Grabby will recover from her jet lag in time to decorate the entire house for Valentine’s Day. We need a new bingo: heart bunting, giant l o v e balloon and jar of seasonal ‘sweets for my sweet’. I’ll certainly be doing the same on Friday. Oh hang on, I have a life.
You forgot a story about their romantic valentines meal of choice- Jamie’s green mac and cheese 😑 since it’s the “best dinner ever?”
[Of course there's no mention whatsoever of the journey home, which is presumably via Singapore or Hong Kong, wouldn't want to have to bring up coronavirus just like she didn't want to mention the bush fires. Can't possibly have anything like that messing up the dreamy feed.]

Unless their on the Quantas direct flight to LHR, a review of which might actually be vaguely interesting.


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If she was flying cattle class she'll just gloss over it. When she flies club you get the obligatory humble brag.
Colleagues have said that Asian airports are truly surreal places at the moment - not really where I'd want to be with a baby but she'll just choose not to mention it because global pandemics are not oh so dreamy ...