Russ in Cheshire

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Incel shit. Not the first creep to go on about how women get big loose vaginas from childbirth/using dildos, therefore rendering them ruined for his tiny peen. Totally clueless about women’s anatomy.
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I see this got posted in the replies to his latest tweet 😂

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Tell me you wank a lot without telling me you wank a lot

I had a boyfriend in my 20's that literally spent all of his spare time (and he had a lot of it as he was on the dole) wanking and he pretty much desensitised his penis. Sex with him was like this and it was miserable. He ended up having to have an op as he pulled so hard he detached his frenulum (I can really pick them!)
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How has he not been cancelled yet? Because he makes ineffectual jibes about Tories?
This is Mr WT’s excuse, still likes him because he’s ‘sticking it to the Tories’. What exactly is he sticking and what with?

It’s like Cluedo for the hard of thinking middle classes. Who killed comedy? “It was Mr Rear Foo-Foo on his Twitter page, with his cutting-edge ‘go fund me’ grift”
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Whining about being blocked by someone again I see. When exactly did he rebrand himself from creepy sex pest misogynist to Tory hater? I'm amazed he hasn't deleted so many of his old tweets. I mean he parrots the line about trans women being women while also having old tweets still in the public domain where he's openly slagging off "trannies".

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