Rosie Ramsey / Rosemarinoramsey


As a teacher who has been told that we’re likely to lose our Easter holidays to ‘care’ for students of key workers, “drinking since 3pm” isn’t making me laugh, or even snigger, nor is the stupid dancing.
Yes you’re trying to keep spirits up during an uncertain time, but bragging that you’re hitting the bottle mid-afternoon has rubbed me up the wrong way.
I’ve unfollowed you Rosie I’m afraid.


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I had to finally unfollow her today. I loved her until her recent change of insta-tone. I waited weekly for the podcast and my husband and I would save them for long road trips and laugh together hysterically. But it’s all become so unnatural, inorganic and commercial. I completely understand that was her desire/dream/intention but it’s to the detriment of every element of her personality that made her naturally funny, interesting and relatable. And don’t get me started on the Robin stories. I love my kids but I’m just not interested in other people’s, especially on Instagram! 😳


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That last video about performers ‘smiling through it’ is so out of touch. I could scream. The entertainment and events industries (like many others) are full of people - many freelancers - who have no idea how they will support their families or pay their rent through this crisis. Dancing around like a moron is so fecking patronising.


And the comment this morning on her stories about ‘quarantine would be easier without kids’.
We’ve been TTC now for 18 months and look like we’re heading down the IVF route - which will be when all this blows over, with a quick referral. I’d do anything to be home with a baby, a child.
So out of touch.