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Elizah D

It’s very high in fat and really unhealthy

16 grams of saturated fat in a seven ounce serving. That is 80% of daily fat requirement... and it’s saturated fat.


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It is somewhat high in saturated fat (3.6g per 100g in the one I buy) but if the rest of your diet isn’t chock full of high carb, high sugar, high fat and low nutritional value foods then I don’t see a problem.

I actually agree with Rosie that fat is unfairly demonized and when it comes to something like greek yoghurt, the other health benefits outweigh the risk of the saturated fat for me (especially because you lose some of the health benefits from greek yoghurt when you opt for the low fat version).


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Phoebes bf was a lot older and grosser looking than that guy. He's featured here
Before dating Phoebe this creep was the bf of Princess Beatrice


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It's not really a great Sunday lunch, is it? And her idea of a vegan meal is...pasta. I've never encountered someone with such unaccountably high self esteem. She thinks she's a swimsuit model, a screenwriter, a gourmet chef, a nutritionist....
And hides the bits of her life she doesn’t really like. Never shows her husband because he’s not an Abercrombie model. Never showed her old flat which was Ikea furnished (big Ikea fan here, but obviously that doesn’t measure up to her delusions of grandeur). Used to photoshop the holy shit out of her face and body.


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Phoebes bf was a lot older and grosser looking than that guy. He's featured here
He was the guy who was friends with Prince Harry I think - so I assume she wasn’t with him for his looks and more his connections and 💵
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