Rochelle Humes #2 Read the room?!

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I'm cringing at her grid post caption. Shes never seen Marvin as happy as he is being dad to his what about his daughters???
Haven’t seen it but did she actually say that? I’ve no doubt Marvin loves his little girls but I’ve had the impression since Blake was born that she’s really feels she’s given him all he wanted now, but imagine implying it out loud 😬


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Sure did, here it is
He needs to tell his face he’s having a good time then...

I saw an advert for a programme on the ITV Hub that she’s presenting with Roman Kemp designed to get people talking. I understand Roman being there completely but why her? I’m not saying you have to have had something terrible happen to you or have mental health issues to be suitable but she’s a terrible presenter who is so smug, there’s no room for empathy. Surely, like with the Dispatches programme, producers should go on more than how many social media followers a person has before giving them a job


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It’s almost like the itv management have had a meeting and decided that to look more diverse they need a regular “black” face but not someone really bad at their job so that the viewers complain. They get rid of her and it’s not their fault. They have done their bit.

There is no other explanation why someone so wooden would be paid for this.
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