Rio & Kate Ferdinand

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I always notice how paired back and not super glam she looks now!! Like a totally different person from her towie days... it’s like she’s trying to reinvent herself! Either that or Rio doesn’t like her old towie Essex look 🙈
She’s still made up to the nines - but in a different way. I have more respect for the towie lot who admit the effort. The way Kate goes about life now is to make other mums feel like shit without acknowledging all the extra help she has!


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Just such an invasion of the child’s privacy to post that picture of his poo because a company are paying you to pretend you use their product! Social media companies really need to do something about people using their children as cash cows in this way. Imagine him in the future at school/at a job interview/on a first date & they’ve seen his poo. It’s absolutely awful s
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