Rich house poor house

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Who else watches this?

really enjoy watching this but find the recaps annoying after each break.

some of the rich familes come away with a different attitude. And then you have the rich teenagers who really struggle with Little money.
the poor families seem so grateful especially the children who have been bought up with little money.

we kind of experience this, we live in a 1 bedroom council flat and my husbands sister lives in a million pound house. And we see first hand how the other half live 🤣🤣
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I watched one of them as they were local familes. Cant watch anymore as those recaps really anoyed me!
I watch them and the recaps are annoying, it's the same with Can't Pay We'll Take It Away and the slum landlords/nightmare tenants.
Is there a new series, I used to love this?
The adults seem more down to earth as a lot of the time they’ve come from nothing so appreciate they are lucky whilst a lot of the time the kids don’t know any different.

rich kids to skint is a good one ifyou like this
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Yes it’s a new series.
there is no need for the recaps.
The rich kids really don’t get it and can’t wait to get home.
There was one episode and the rich Daughter was acting like such a spoilt brat the whole week, mocking the lifestyle of the poor family.
I’ve watched rich kids go skint. I like that. I want to watch the holiday one.
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Omg just watched the two Chelsea birds: Geeta and Harriet

Calling the woman's flat "hell" and saying they don't feel safe outside Chelsea....geez

Apparently Geeta was made homeless and made her business and now lives in Chelsea. Though I did raise my eyebrow at the fact Geeta mother lives in Chelsea too. Did they fall out because Geeta became pregnant?

Geeta and Harriet moaned mostly, they didn't have chocolates or bottled water and only had £150 for the 2 of them when the "poor house" has to stretch £150 to 4 mouths!

Andrea (the poor house) and her 3 kids were lovely and Ioved the fact she took her kids to Brighton (a treat for them) and she bought a laptop with the money she had left to go back to college was so nice to see.

I also thought the fact Geeta didn't bring her kids but her bestie was suspicious then I realised they had gone on the show to plug Geeta and Harriet Nosh IV drip clinic
Haven’t watched the latest series as we watched first and second series one after another and it started to feel repetitive. I think both channel four and five do the recap after every break and it’s quite annoying!
I haven't seen any of the latest series, but I like watching when families come away changed. I find the poor families are usually quite sweet.

Saying that, I hardly ever watch reality TV any more, as I hate when shows constantly recap.
We’ve had a family friend appear on the show and my parents have considered applying, however neither of them really want to appear on television so there is a small fault in their plan.

I have to say, I am always amazed by the families on the lower incomes. How they struggle and yet they still put their families first makes me incredible humble and it is a huge eye opener and it has made me want to ensure my children are not cocooned in the bubble of ‘money’.
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It can be difficult to stay grounded when you have a lot of money. When you are doing it tough you really do appreciate the small things in life.
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Geeta was an absolute pain in the neck, I hope she watched herself and cringed. Tony, one of the poor dads (the mum went and cleaned her adult daughter's homes) wrote a scathing piece about the programme saying that they are told what to say/do at every point and don't have any control over how the money is spent. All of the rich families in this series had businesses that they were plugging.
It is really difficult to teach your children the value of money. They have to learn the art of saving and waiting.
Yup I do and I always find the dad of the family often comes from the poorer roots and has done well for themselves and are able to go back to living off little money relatively quickly and well.