Returning to work - COVID-19

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Not sure if anyone can give any insight...I'm really confused atm. I know the obvious thing would be to ask work but i dont want to come across like a dick.

I'm being asked to return to work 15th April as we will reopen and resume work. We are a non essential manufacturer and I'm a cleaner, we closed the day after lockdown was announced.

Theres been no talk of the restrictions being lifted by the Prime Minister however the info on the gov website is so conflicting 🙉(screenshots from gov website below)

Says you can still go to work but must not meet friends and stay away from people! I can't really stay away from people at my work.

How am I meant to stay at home and protect the nhs and stay 2m from people when I'm being asked to go back to work? Its quite a big place and alot of people work there.

Is anyone in a similar position or can anyone give me their opinion cos my head is pickled 😣

Thanks in advance


Yeah I completely agree. I've lost faith in the government tbh they arent being strict enough. All they keep saying on Twitter Is to stay at home to stop the spread protect the nhs protect the vulnerable and I'm not sure how we are meant to do that when theres still so many people being forced to work 😔 we've not even hit the peak yet and sadly the death rate is increasing of late 😔 very sad and confusing
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